ask me about the cat trap

One day my friend Julie was in despair.
She was sad because there were cats EVERYWHERE
She would come out the door, they would be at her feet
It wasn’t very cool, it wasn’t even neat.
She had a big heart, no one could deny
These cats had to, but who where and why.
Thens said, I- you’ll be out of town.
Would it be okay… if the cats weren’t around?
We would get those gets, get in and get down.

This isn’t going as well as I first planned.

I’m done with this erase it all, Im done with this, I’m tired. Lets watch our movie.

The end.

The previous is a monologue written by my mother in her delieriom. She said, “HEY let’s write a blog together about that whole cat thing! Yeah! We can write about the whole cat thing!”

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