not much to report…

I am going to blog today!

I don’t really know what about yet, but I’m going to do it. It’s been over a week.

But… its just that we don’t have anything like, blog-worthy. No trips or big milestones or anything.

OH! Lincoln is done with his paci during the day! This might seem totally pathetic but was a huge deal. He loves his paci. LOVES IT. But, he is 18 months and really a toddler by now and doesn’t need it.. plus his teeth don’t need it either… anyway. We went cold turkey about two weeks ago. He still gets it at night/nap time but it stays clipped to his sleep sack so when he gets out of bed, it stays. At first it was a nightmare. The first morning he literally cried 2 hours despite my best efforts to distract him. He was hoarse. Felt like a great mom. The next day was less brutal, and the next day even less. Sometimes he is still pretty mad when he can’t have it, but most of the time he just says “bai baiii” like ‘until we meet again, old friend.’

What else, what else.

Ballet started again. Isabelle’s the oldest one in the class! Last year she was the baby. So weird. The hardest part is keeping Lincoln entertained for an hour because he doesn’t understand why he can’t join the dance party. Sorry buddy.

Our co-op preschool starts after Labor Day and I’m excited for Isabelle- I think she will love it. It’s only two days a week for a three hours- a good start for us. She still has two years before kindergarten (unless we do transitional kindergarten? anyone done this?) so we have plenty of time. We have a great group of moms and its a system that has been working great for them and I’m really glad to hop on board.

Three weeks until I snuggle baby Quinn. (!!)
Six weeks until the whole Sumsion side converges upon Disneyland. (!!!)
Where we will celebrate Isabelle turning FOUR. (!!!!)

And in conclusion, some pictures of my kids in the bathtub.

1 thought on “not much to report…

  1. You have a way with words lady. You can make anything and everything interesting and worth reading. The girls and I love to read your Blog while killing time at work. 😀 Erin Hiatt


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