here and there

I start to go crazy if we stay indoors too many days in a row… so we’ve been venturing out as much as possible. The kids are big enough that they really need to get out and run around/ explore and exert their energy before nap time. So. This is us exerting our energy.

Open Gym. Lincoln’s personal heaven.

umm what is this.

the life jacket. the hat. killing me.

turtle bay at 9 am. turns out, no one is there.
big swing!

watching fish.

Last Friday I took the kids to Sacramento for the day. The trip could have gone two ways, either it was gonna be smooth as peanut butter or else like DEFCON 5 and I would need to beam back to the ship. Luckily, everything went without a hitch and it was one of the best days I can remember. Like I got home and wanted to explode of happiness. Sometimes you just need a change, you know? I was a little nervous about the driving- 2 1/2 hours both ways with two kids and no other adult to play interference. But we did it! The kids did great! And for the record, I want to by sealed to my van, which I have named Minni. As in, Mickey and Minnie. As in Mini Van. Micci and Minni. See what I did there.

I’m enamored.

We hit Fairytale town all morning, packed a picnic in. Food tastes better picnic style.

Last time we were here, Lincoln was days away from being born. Now look!

Then the kids “napped” while I drove to Roseville and shopped the Galleria with them in the stroller. I love back to school sales… the kids are basically set for winter. Not having great shopping in Redding sure makes it fun to find the good stores out of town! While we were at the Rack across the street, I asked an associate if there was a park or something for the kids to play on close by- and she directed me over to the Fountains. Lincoln found a splash pad… game over. He went crazy, completely soaked in like 2 minutes flat. It was freezing cold in the shade, windy, water was like ice but he was SO HAPPY. People walking by stopped to watch him probably because hes so little slash hilarious. He just dominated that park. I was the white trash mom who let her kids run through with their clothes on, then I stripped Lincoln down. Didn’t even have towels. Keepin it classy. 

His face when the fountain would disappear for a sec. Like, fix it!
It took a few minutes for Iz to warm up to the idea, but then she was in.
Absolutely no fear.

Noodles! Oh so my favorite. Also my last meal before I went into labor with Linc. Food for my soul.

Linc barely napped.. just the 20 minute drive to Roseville so when he was dry, fed, pajammied and back in the car for the trip home… he sacked out. Love his fluff hair.

And because I couldn’t resist… Linc at the splash pad, bein’ a boss.

1 thought on “here and there

  1. So fun. You are the smart dry one there. And those sunglasses that Izz keeps on her face are so perfect.


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