In one week.

I am looking forward to:
baby snuggles
baby clothes
newborn baby smell
tiny baby toes
oh yeah sabs and jared
noodles and co
a peaceful flight
that new cookie place?
not changing man sized baby diapers
sleeping without a monitor
flying without carseats/strollers/children on my lap
zero sippy cups
a froggy baby on my chest
seeing extended fam!
squeezing in a lunch with leigh in the bay
spoiling quinn rotten
not having smeared food on my pant leg
the freedom of no nap schedule
visiting the temple
catching up with my sister
did I mention the teeny baby?
I am not looking forward to:
not driving my van
Jazz being responsible for Isabelle’s hair
that is all.
Is it weird that I am looking forward to this big time? I mean, I will miss my babies, I know. But, this is the first time in four years that I will be baby less for more than a matter of hours. Technically, I had about 18 hours between my mother picking up Isabelle at the hospital and delivering baby Lincoln, but I don’t think that counts. I was busy. This is my first flight alone in five years! What is that even like! I keep asking Isabelle if she will miss me and she says, “Yeah mom but we will just face time.” Like, no big deal. Duh.
I’m not nervous to leave them? I guess that’s why you marry who you do- you have to trust them with the most important things in your life. I know Jazz will take super good care of them while I am gone. Plus, we will face time.

In the mean time.. we are enjoying the last bit of summer. Pre-school starts Monday. Will be weird to have a sort of “schedule” to follow. Not sure I am ready for that? For sure I’m not.

3 thoughts on “In one week.

  1. Best feeling in the world is when you get on that plane and realize there is nothing you need to do and if you did you can't! Have a great trip! Enjoy yourself. 🙂


  2. I can't wait for ALL of these things!! I hope this week flies by so you can be here already and we can start tackling the list if all the things you are looking forward to! Yippee!! Sabs


  3. Wow – That will be SO nice to have that break. I think every parent needs one. Enjoy your time. Erin Hiatt


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