happy birthday baby quinn

On Wednesday night as we were getting ready for bed, I had a thought to leave my phone on. I never leave the sound on because of random emails and alerts that beep throughout the night.. it disrupts my sleep and we all know how much I love to sleep.

At 4 am, I heard a text.

I sat straight up in bed! Whaaaat! A week early?! SO EXCITING! I could hardly think about anything else the rest of the day…
12 hours later they welcomed baby Quinn Elizabeth Later into the family, 7 pounds 15 ounces. We could not be more happy or excited for them! I think I will call her Quinnie.

Sabrina did an amazing job delivering this sweet baby, now they are home and feeling great.

Isn’t she beautiful! Dark hair!

PS She was born August 1st… I joked with Sabrina that she was just waiting for my birth-month to be over out of respect.. pretty sure I’m going to be her favorite. I am DY-YING to hold and snuggle her. 

2 thoughts on “happy birthday baby quinn

  1. We can't wait for you to meet her in a few weeks! She is so sweet and happy! I still can't believe you had your phone on when I texted you, I figured you'd just get it when the kids woke up…wrong. So grateful for all of your help! Love Sabs


  2. I love that you have her in your phone with her maiden name. I do the same thing. And what a beautiful little girl… also, pretty sure you and your siblings have the exact same taste in names as I do. Congratulations to Sabrina and the family!


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