this and that.

Is it fall yet. It won’t be fall here until November…but at least we are getting closer. It was still 100 here this week and that will continue for awhile. I miss pants. And pumpkin scented things. And being able to go outside and not have to shower after.

My eyelash extensions are falling out now that its been 6 weeks and pretty much my life is over. Mascara is such an inconvenience. Hashtag, first world problems.

I’m itchy to get out of town for a couple of days, or even just the day. We’ve been “busy” doing all the things we can in town but there are only so many times you can hit up the library, you know? I crave a change in scenery and temperature and shopping districts. So much so that I’m considering taking both kids to Sacramento for the day. Think I can handle that? Let’s be honest though, its mostly so I can drive my van around.

Speaking of my van. I ran and got groceries the other night after the kids were in bed and when I returned I just sat in the garage. In my van. Jazz opened the door and was like ummmmm you gonna come in or what? Nah, I’d rather stay here. In my van. I found a secret compartment.

Monday was not my best day. The kids have had colds and just not sleeping well in general. Isabelle has been getting up at 5 requesting ice. In her cup. Then we check on her a half hour later and her light is on. Fail. Anyway, both kids were just not themselves, Linc was throwing fits (I seriously don’t know where the other train is, kid! calm down!) And Isabelle had a case of the “I don’t want to’s”. We got in the car, both kids were crying, I was hot and exasperated from the effort of even getting that far… And I went back in the house and yell-prayed. Have you ever done that? PLEASE HELP ME TO HAVE ALL THE PATIENCE AND PLEASE BLESS MY KIDS TO STOP FREAKING OUT. AMEN. We start driving, its 10:15, and Lincoln is already falling asleep. I reduce my errands to just one stop, and at the store I have to call out- DOES ANYONE SEE A BABY IN A RED ONESIE. He was literally five feet away from me but he was hiding behind a display. Like crouched down being quiet. Hiding. With a giant smile on his face…he is 19 months and already trying to prank me. Mom of the year. We were home within twenty minutes.

The absence of my train is ruining my life.

Next month brings a little momcation for me- I’m going to visit Sabrina and new baby Quinn (and Jared too.) for four whole days, all by myself. I only have to pack for one person! I don’t have to bring baby wipes! I can READ on the airplane! I haven’t left the kids before like this so naturally I’m nervous/ecstatic. I can’t wait to snuggle that baby and see Sabrina and track down that waffle truck.

Also, Lincoln has started calling for “Belle” when he is looking for Izzie. It is heartbreakingly adorable. This is why we have two kids. That, and to make sure someone can take care of us when we are old.

And in conclusion, I ordered an orthopedic floor mat for my kitchen sink. I am so excited I keep checking the tracking information even thought it won’t be here for days. This is my life.

1 thought on “this and that.

  1. Your Monday sounds like our daily routine. Nothing but a toddler screaming and crying and freaking out. It's a good time to be alive. – Erin Hiatt


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