Happy Birthday Jazzy

We spent last week celebrating Jazz’s birthday. Some good food, presents, and cake… how can you go wrong. Happy Birthday to my other half! We had a super fun couple of days- although I think I’m ten pounds fluffier from our combined birthday festivities…

We opened some presents before he went to work. At lunch time, we took him some special birthday cupcakes and ate lunch with him down in the cafeteria. The kids LOVE that.
After work we went and had Jazz’s favorite egg-topped hamburger. Well, only he did.. I had the cobb.
We continued the celebration the next day with our weekly visit Burrito Bandito with the whole gang… and finished with cake at Mom’s.

Jazz’s peanut butter delight. Yellow cake with peanut butter buttercream… And reeses stuffed in a layer. 

Handsome! Blue is so his color.

More “helping.”
Things you may not know about Jazz:
He loves Nascar.
He just called me from the ROOF of our house because he was stuck. It is 9 pm.
He used to wear glasses.
He loves orange. 
He is crazy pigeon-toed.
And also, oddly flexible.
He loves Bottlecaps, though they are hard to find.
And he consistently puts me first.
Happy Birthday Jazzy! xox

1 thought on “Happy Birthday Jazzy

  1. Happy Birthday, Jazz! He has always been a great guy and good friend. Glad he had a good birthday. That cake sounds amazing. Yum! And one day I need to try this burrito bandito you speak of often.. Erin Hiatt


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