Isabelle as of late

This kid.

Oh she is great- 3 1/2 is such a fun age. She is so sweet and saucy at the same time- she wants to do everything herself and do it her way. In the morning she gets up before everyone else, often tiptoes around the house to find things she needs (including dad’s ipad.) and plays in her room until she hears us up. Often she is already dressed up in her tap shoes or a hat or also sometimes totally naked.

Busted. With panties on her head.

She is super opinionated (both of my kids are. where did that come from.) and I find that if I give her a couple of choices (outfits, breakfast, cup color etc) she is pretty happy to pick. Some days she wants “softie clothes” basically anything made out jersey or cotton, some days she wants a dress and others she prefers shorts and a t shirt. As soon as we get back from errands she takes off her shoes and pants, since those are obviously unnecessary in the comfort of our home. She loves pink the best of all.

Every day she has about twenty minutes to read in her room before her nap time. It helps her unwind and get a little bit sleepy before she gets into bed. Most of that time is not spent reading but rather finding random crap to dress up in, and then she parades out to find me to show me. Makes me laugh every time.

Trenchcoat. Supposed to be sleeping.
future baton twirler. supposed to be sleeping.
supposed to be sleeping but HAD to tell me that she needs a “sweepy hat” just like the pigeon
hey look, actually sleeping

She loves Taylor Swift. I’m like, how old are you, 14?

She loves to visit Grandma and Grandpa. She always asks to go over and visit, and every time we do it is the highlight of her day. She loves to swim and swing and play upstairs in the big open playroom full of toys. It’s not just the stuff, my mom always stops what she is doing and plays with the kids. She gets on the floor and sets up tiny tea parties and dresses baby dolls and zooms cars around. They love it. She always has a new puzzle or some special watercolors she has been saving just for a rainy day and Isabelle loves to see what she has.

Isabelle loves to go to the library and check out new books to read, sometimes getting ten at a time. We are working on her letters, mostly her name although its kind of long and tricky. She plays really well with Lincoln, until he snags something of hers and then it is GAME OVER. When Lincoln is sad she often grabs his toy or his fox to bring to him to cheer him up. Or his paci, Lincoln’s drug of choice. She has learned to wink- and sometimes when I am leading the music in primary I look down at her and she gives me this huge wink like it’s a secret just for me and her. It is my favorite.

She says the FUNNIEST things.

  • “I am just looking in the mirror…to see if I am goooood.”
  • “Mom I have to show you this… it is so amazing.”
  • “Well that is a bummer.”
  • “Mom, I am a sea creature. I am not your little girl anymore.”
  • “Don’t you shush me!”
  • “Mom, you are so dramatic.”
  • “That is ridiculous!”
  • “I will go underwater tomorrow but not today.”
  • “Just one lucky hot dog minute?”
  • “Mom when I get big I will baby sit Winc but I can’t be alone so my friends will come over too.”
  • Me: “Isabelle how did you get so cute!?”    Iz: “Heavenly Father, silly!”
  • “Please, I will promise!” (she is not promising anything, not even sure she knows what promise means)
  • “I has an idea!”

Mo/Sabs do you recognize these?

Loves burrito bandito. it’s a genetic thing.

supposed to be sleeping again.

I love this one. Just such an Isabelle picture.

Isabelle will be doing preschool this fall- she has two whole years of preschool before kindergarten since she barely misses the age cut off to start school. This year we are doing a fabulous preschool co-op and next year we hope to get her into a transitional kindergarten that is half day few times a week. She is ready. She is ready to learn more and I can tell just “playing” at home is not enough for her. I try to have fun activities that help her explore different things and I always have that mom guilt when I’m splitting my time up with housework and errands and Lincoln and being a wife. There is always stuff to do and I need to spend more time with Isabelle because I know she will be in school before I know it. This is going by so quickly, she is almost four years old. Agh.
At night when we tuck her in, we always talk about the best part of our day. We read a few stories and chit chat and she always asks me to stay a little longer. She can talk and talk and talk, and her voice is so tender and precious. She loves this pretend spider game that Jazz made up- its cute because its just a thing that they do together. Jazz loses track of time in there and sometimes it is 8:45 before he comes out from “tucking her in.” 
I love her so much sometimes I want to burst. Sometimes I want to roll my eyes and put her in time out. But most of the time, its the bursty feeling. 

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