it’s hot.

It’s going to be 115 degrees tomorrow.

It was 111 today.

This is when I ask myself, “why do you live here. this is stupid.” I think of my friends in the bay area where it is a balmy 75 near the ocean and I am jealous. I should live there. I love the ocean.

It’s like 8:30 pm right now and it’s still 106 degrees! Heat waaaaave. We’ve been staying indoors and trying to figure out other activities that include going outside and melting. Today we hit up target, tj maxx and barnes and nobles, all air conditioned… but the car and seat belts and unloading was just hot.

You know that Shel Silverstein poem? Oh hey look here it is.

That’s how I feel, like I just want to take my skin off and sit around in my bones. We ate smoothies outside the other night for dinner. Lincoln loves to have a regular cup just like everyone else… not sure how much of the smoothie actually got in his mouth.

external air conditioning. also izzie’s hair in a bun!! 

anyway. it’s hot.

1 thought on “it’s hot.

  1. Lincoln's smoothie-drinking skills just gave me a good laugh. 🙂 So cute and funny. Sorry you are melting out there. Just remember all those Dec/Jan/Feb days when you're seeing snow on your FB feed and playing at the park. Those are the good days, right?


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