a shower for sabs

If you know Sabrina, she has always had a book in her hand. Vacations, car trips, dentist appointments, between piano lessons– Sabrina had something to read. That never really went away (in fact it’s probably worse now) and she even majored in English Lit at BYU. She always knows the good books to read and when the next sequel comes out. Naturally, last weekend we threw Sabrina a beatrix-potterish book themed baby shower to honor her and her new baby girl coming early August.
How cute is she? Only about 6 weeks to go!
don’t tell but I cut up some books for the invitations

those teeny tiny shoes were my moms/sabrinas!

Mom did the hanging books- I showed mom one teeny iphone picture and she whipped it out no problem. 

book-page pinwheels and a vintage plate from my mother-in-law
starbursts = sabrina’s fav candy

Obviously, Morgan was in town. Killed it with the cakes. 
This is edible. Can you even believe.
Too good to eat? But then, we ate it.
beatrix potter plates! whaaat!

vintage candy and bookmark favors

um yeah….these were amazing.
Sabrina and her pre-Jared roommate, Jordyn
Mex and Leigh came up from SF
without whom this would not be possible.
Salad, quiche, and parfaits 
The Parr ladies. Our neighbors and friends for life

Leigh, your face is the best.
An authentic MaryAnne Parker blankie. She got so many thoughtful gifts and tons of  books!

Whitney surprised Sabrina and flew in from Seattle just in time for brunch. She is sneaky sneaky.

Sabrina and grandbaby #9, Mom, me and Mo

It was really fun to see what everyone’s favorite books were, lots of them had stories or memories to go with them. We love an excuse to throw a party, and what better excuse than the imminent arrival of a brand new baby. We are so excited for Sabrina and Jared- both with be such natural parents. I’m pretty sure Isabelle wanted to put Jared in her pocket and keep him forever.

My guess on the baby’s arrival is Sunday, August 11th at 3:30 am. Eight pounds, two ounces and head of hair. Alright Sabrina, make it happen!

2 thoughts on “a shower for sabs

  1. This has to be one of the most amazing showers I have ever seen. I'm jealous… in a good, healthy way….


  2. Thank you for the most incredible and perfect baby shower of all time!! I was blown away by all of the adorable decorations, delicious food and friends. I'm blessed to have the most amazing sisters and mom to do all this for me. Thank you a million times over!!! Sabrina


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