I have been changed…for goooood.

name that tune.

I haven’t worn mascara since May 19th.

Sabrina has gotten into eyelash extensions and now I’m addicted. It started awhile back when my cousin Zach saw a need for some improvements in the eyelash extension industry and created a niche for himself. He patented and produced some things that really caught on- and Bella Lash Extensions was born.

Eventually Sabrina took their class and got certified to apply the lashes- something she does from home and will be able to do once the baby comes and she is settled again. She brought her kit to Maui and did my eyelashes while I was there. IT IS AMAZING. She was here this last weekend and did a “fill” which is just like a mini application to refluff and beautify etc. She glues little lashes to each natural lash very carefully and thoroughly and then bam, your face is awesome.

I can not say enough good things about eyelash extensions. If you are thinking of getting them, my vote is yes for sure do it.

  • I have not worn mascara in 6 weeks. Not a single time. Eyeliner is optional. So that saves me like 5-7 minutes a day.. like 40 minutes a week.. that’s like four hours of my life not spent in front of a mirror with my mouth gaping open.
  • My face is half done as soon as I get out of the shower. Like bam, I look awake and alert. SO AMAZING. 
  • I don’t have to use pond’s makeup removers to clean my eyes and lashes. Yesssss.
  • I told Sabrina I wanted one notch under “tranny lashes”.. so they are noticeable and dramatic. EVEN at 7 AM.
Now I am ruined because I love them so much and Sabrina doesn’t live close. (yet.) Me and JaNae are trying to figure out a way to get certified so we can do each other’s lashes because I am so dreading going back to regular life eyeballs after this. So lame.
Sabrina I love/hate you for introducing me to this. 70/30…..80/20?

2 thoughts on “I have been changed…for goooood.

  1. I LOVE long eye lashes! When I had mine though, it ripped out all my natural lashes 😦 I was ugly for like 6 months. but I love lashes!-Erin Hiatt


  2. They call them “crack lashes” for a reason… We'll get you the goods soon!


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