jaunt to oaktown

Jazz bought me tickets to see Les Miserables in Sacramento for our anniversary…. we also wanted to attend a wedding in Oakland the next day so we decided to make a weekend out of it. When in doubt, just make a weekend of out it, it’s always more fun. My parents drove the kids to Oakland on Friday morning so Jazz and I could go see our show, then we headed over to Oakland to meet up with them. 
The musical was good- voices were great but it was the new version of staging? Not sure how I felt about that? I kept whispering to Jazz, “This isn’t usually how it is, usually ___ happens.” But we had good seats and Jazz endured enjoyed it. Mostly it was fun to dress up (lipstick! heels!) and be out on a long date together- the whole car ride down we talked like real live adults. The next morning we visited the Oakland temple before the reception at 5.
Thanks grandma for this beautiful Dora suitcase.

Lincoln = asleep. Me= Red Sea bangs

 The reception was in Los Gatos and it was so beautiful. Oh man, they had seriously thought of everything, so many amazing details. The kids had goody bags to play with inside (brilliant) and even had french fries and chicken catered. I’m kicking myself for not taking really any pictures but it was nearly impossible since Lincoln’s main goal was to get himself in or near water. I stayed late to catch up with my long lost family members and to hold newborn baby Ford. Obviously Lincoln and Ford will be best friends and I’m pretty sure future POTUS/VPOTUS. Ford is baby #3 for Kathryn (bride’s sister), and I’ve always felt like we would be bosom buddies and I kind of hate that she lives in Colorado.

this is our one picture from the wedding and I didn’t even take it. Iz and those glasses!
how cute is this.
We also attended Ford’s baby blessing early the next morning. This is my Auntie Joyce, actually it’s my mom’s Aunt Joyce so that makes her my GREAT Aunt Joyce- my Grandma June’s sister.  She sounds so much like my Grandma it always surprises me and makes me think I am talking to June. It was so great to see her- last time I was just about to pop with Isabelle. 
hi we are super cute.

who, meeeee?
On our way home we stopped in SF to get some bread bowls and ghiradelli ice cream. Always a must. The weather was gorgeous and such a nice change from living in satan’s back yard.
yeah he was in heaven. birds and boats and water.

Lincoln was so angry he couldn’t get in the mermaid fountain while we waited for our treats. I love his angry face.
Then we ate tons of ice cream and drove home, the end.

1 thought on “jaunt to oaktown

  1. We are so glad you included us in your weekend. We had a great time and loved sharing it with you.


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