little ladybug

Friday night Isabelle was a part of a small “Alice in Wonderland” performance by the dance studio she attends once a week. They’ve been learning this little 45-second piece for a few months now- during class and then this past week with full on dress rehearsals. May I remind you, she is three.

I didn’t think it was really a big deal until the moment I saw her confidentially skip onto stage and do her thing in front of an audience of strangers. I wanted to jump and cry and yell THATS MAH BAYBEE to everyone who could hear. Did they perform all the choreography? Helllls no. Not even 70 percent. But those little lady bugs stole the show with their personalities and their little red outfits and tiny ballet shoes. My heart was exploding for her, like I could not contain all my love for her and I almost burst right there behind the curtain off stage.

And the best part is- she was so proud of herself. She had worked hard and practiced and attended long rehearsals and she got to wear makeup! And dress up! Like the big girls! She came off stage and hugged Madilyn like “we did it!” Oh man. Best part of my life.

On our way to the five hour dress rehearsal. As in, five hours.
Watching the older girls

We brought lots of things to do.

sabrina later she looks exactly like you.
putting on our fancy dancer makeup

these girls are the cutest together
this faaaaace!
waiting to go on stage
all finished!

1 thought on “little ladybug

  1. The ladybug costume is sooooo cute, I think I'm going to barf. Also, I don't see a problem with screaming “THATS MAH BAYBEE” every time your kid does something awesome. It's not our fault that own kids are so much better than everyone else's….


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