happy father’s day

This has been a busy week of celebrations. We had a big wedding last weekend in the bay area, and then Isabelle’s first little recital this weekend (ohmyword!!!), our five year anniversary (did I even blog that? nope.) fathers day today, and family coming in town starting Wednesday of next week to celebrate Baby Later. I still feel like we are playing catch up. My to-do list is long and I seriously get like one thing done a day, sometimes I write stuff down that I’ve already done just to make myself feel better. Take a shower? Check! Feed kids? Check! Change some diapers? Totally winning.

ANYWAY. One thing at a time. The point of this post. Ahem.

We are honoring the dad’s in our life today- with pancakes and cards and phone calls and ribs. (Not in that order, but you know.) Lots of people tell me what a good father Jazz is and how fun it is to watch him interact with the kids. This is really nice to hear, don’t get me wrong, but I get to see that every day. Jazz is a totally hands on, fully involved parent. He likes to be included when we discuss hair cuts and outfit selections and the safest car seats and pre-school classes. Often times when we finish a big day or get home from a trip we high-five each other and say, “hey, we make a really good team.” And I mean that- we are not food buddies and we think completely opposite but together we can do lots of hard things.
I especially love that Jazz is a great father when no one else is looking. No one is around at night when I can hear him sing a ridiculous version of “snuggle puppy” to Lincoln on the monitor. No one sees when he takes the kids to a baseball field just to watch a little league game. There is no book keeping track of how many times he helps clean up vomit or changes diapers or lets the kids wipe their faces on his pants. 
These kids totally adore him. And at 5:15, when they hear the garage door open, the bolt to the back door to greet him with hugs and stories about their day.
I could not ask for a better partner in the great adventure of parenting! High five honey, I couldn’t do this without you. xox

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