weekend in a nutshell.

Isabelle’s cast is off. She was so good, even when they were using a saw to remove the cast, she was like eh no big deal I do this all the time. Now she is in a sling on and off for awhile, since it is technically still broken (if left in a cast too long, the elbow loses mobility. who knew.) We just have to be EXTRA careful that she doesn’t fall again and re-break whatever has healed. The doc was like “Oh yeah just no jumping or climbing, hopping, running, swimming for about a month.” I was all uhhhh yeah she is three. What is she supposed to do.

She wanted dad to hold her hand, and me to hold her foot. Seriously kid did you even know I birthed you? Cmon.

Also, we planted a garden! This makes us officially grown up, I think. Jazz build some raised beds out of redwood and we hauled dirt in- planted strawberries, zucchini, and like a bazillion tomatoes for Jazz. Seriously I think he picked at least four different kinds.

please don’t die.

The kids “helped” for awhile, and then my mom came and got them for the afternoon which was AMAZING and we could not have finished all that we did without her. It surprises me actually that I care about our yard at all. I am not a yard person. I do not enjoy dirt or the different insects found in dirt. I don’t like being hot and I don’t like being dirty. But for some reason this year I feel some sense of responsibility maintaining our yard. Now its like a challenge for me to keep stuff alive and not growing all secret-garden style. Jazz taught me how to use an edger and I even mowed the lawn. (It only took like four hundred pulls to get the things started. Shoulder = still sore.) Determination is my middle name. My second middle name, after Lovescookies.

Izzie planted some starter seeds. Lincoln mostly ate dirt.

Also-Also. We went to a shooting range on Friday night for a date. Jazz didn’t know where we were going or what we were doing and for once I actually surprised him! He usually guesses right away and totally blows any element of surprise. It was Cool April Nights here in town, which is this huge car show and everybody goes except us because it just isn’t our thing. Anyway, we had the place to ourselves which was nice because I’ve never even held a weapon like that before. Was kind of weird? Like I handed her my ID, she handed me a 9 mm glock, and some other gun (?) a box of ammo, two sets of headphones (earmuffs?), and sent us through the door to lane number 5. I was actually a little surprised there was no fanfare or rules or like hey don’t shoot anyone kind of a thing. I think the lady took pity on me (and was super bored) and came in to show me how to hold each gun and how to stand and how to aim.

I was SUPER glad no one was there because it was kind of scary! Also fun, but also kind of scary. I was a little nervous the whole time, just because guns are kind of a big deal and you hear about accidents all the time (also- non accidents). After firing those two guns, we also shot a 357 revolver  (correct me Jazz, I can’t remember) and that one had a bigger kick, but nothing too damaging. Guns are loud. And they have actual fire…just like the movies. I can see how they cause major trauma to human bodies. It was an interesting learning experience for me. Fun/Scary. 80/20… 60/40.

Neon is so IN right now.

Finally, Lincoln looked a teeny bit Samoan for church on Sunday. White shirt and tie + sandals.

pretend his shorts are a lava-lava.

And that is our weekend in a nutshell.

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