shave and a hair cut.

Oh man. Lincoln is SO MUCH FUN. He is so independent and so opinionated. He wants to be included in everything you are doing. He is sneaky and trixy and looks at me with a mischief written all over his face.

He did have a mullet though.

So Lanece fixed it for us.

I know I already posted this but its just too cute, post hair cut.
Last Sunday after Bennett’s baby blessing, Lincoln was exhausted. It was past time for his nap and as soon as he got home he fell asleep. Literally, he fell asleep on the changing pad as I was taking off his Sunday clothes. So tired. I took advantage of this and cuddled him for a minute before laying him to sleep in his crib. Sweetie pie. 

And last night, he had a rare solo bubble bath. Sometimes I forget to take pictures of Lincoln, not because I don’t want to, but because my hands are full and I’m trying to keep everyone alive. I have a billion pictures of Isabelle in the tub, but not as many of Lincoln. 

Lincoln, show me your tongue.

His escape.
Other things I want to write down and remember about 15-month old Lincoln
     -He says mama, dada, MA for Madilyn (sorry Iz), nana for banana, yes and no
     -He signs “more”. We are working on please and thank you and all done. 
     -He would rather drink milk than anything. I’m trying to drop his “snack” milk bottles.
     -Waves at everything. Moon, airplane, people, TV, pretend dog, whatever.
     -Can climb on the couch and coffee table. Can climb on anything actually.
     -Still rear facing in the car
     -Wearing size 18 month or 18-24 months, size five diapers, size 4 shoe
     -Sleeps from 8-7 ish. Takes one good nap a day, starting at 1 pm.
     -Is totally attached to my dad. LOVES him. Is always looking for him.
     -Always wants what Izzie has. Doesn’t matter what it is, or if he already has the exact same thing.
     -LOVES to dance. Dances in the car! He bops is head back and forth. The best is when we turn on Shaun the Sheep, and he seriously spins in circles and waves his arms for the whole intro. Gets super excited. Future musician I think….

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