baby bennett

Remember when we had that baby shower? And I said I was excited for that new baby smell and cozy soft snuggles?
Bennett Scott Sumsion was born March 29th.

9 pounds of chipman/sumsion/eliason goodness.
Isabelle holding Bennett for the first time.

Sooooo basically I’ve been sneaking some of this:
and this:
and this:
Though Lincoln was not pleased when my arms were holding a baby that wasn’t him. Major fit.
Ohhhh I love snuggling new babies! I’d like to thank Scott and JaNae for having baby Bennett so I could get my baby fix. Thanks guys, that was awfully nice of you. Congratulations on this beautiful addition to your (our) family. xo.

2 thoughts on “baby bennett

  1. Ha ha! He was born on my birthday. The coolest day of the year! 😉 Cute baby boy. – Erin Hiatt


  2. I totally thought you were going to end this post with an announcement that you were going to have another little nugget!


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