insta-update vol. 19

excited about: buying PINK for a baby niece coming in August.
looking forward to: a tropical vacation next month
dreading the: 5 1/2 hour flight with my “lap child.”
disappointed with: my two dead strawberry plants. 
obsessed with: fresh costco pears. 




weaning linc from his daily IV drip of whole milk


not napping/ first dentist visit


from mr sorensen/ pre-bed dance party

Oh these two babies of mine…I could drink them up. Even last week when I sent Jazz a text at 9 am that said, “FYI after dinner tonight I am OUT,” I still want to smoosh their cheeks. They are so cute together- Isabelle makes Lincoln laugh so much and she is (mostly) careful to include him but OH MAN when he steals something of hers she screams NO NO NO WINC. It’s my favorite.

And matching shorty pirate pajamas? Too much.

1 thought on “insta-update vol. 19

  1. I NEED those pajamas! So CUTE.


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