kid update.

It’s about time for me to do an update on the kids. ‘Cuz I NEVER write about them on this blog. I mean, did you even know I’m a parent?

Isabelle is 3 1/2 and full of you know what. She has us pretty well figured out…her “pretty please” face kills us every time. She is growing out of her naps, I’m sorry to say, and will nap every few days or every other day and even then it takes some work. She also loves to stay up late. She said, “Mom I just have to get out of bed to make sure you and dad are in bed.” Ummmm no you are the kid and we are the grown ups. And that is why we have a baby gate. Go to sleep.

Was supposed to be napping. Put on a rash guard and found every bow she could.

Isabelle loves having friends over. She talks about them all the time and asks when we can get together again. She loves to tell me to “go on a date” and leave her at Grandma’s or at Madilyn’s. She has been so good with her cast- really adjusted to doing most things left handed. She loves to have her nails painted, but then immediately picks the polish off. It is totally time effective on my part. Isabelle loves stories, loves to read, and loves going to B and N to pick out a new book.

This is my bff Aunt Leigh, visiting from San Francisco a few weekends ago. Isabelle loves Leigh, they trade bedtime videos and Leigh sends her cute things in the mail. We let Iz stay up late that night to see leigh arrive and she waited at the front window, she was so excited. Leigh only made it to our entryway rug before Isabelle was showing her all of her “treasures”. Leigh wasn’t allowed to move until Isabelle had brought out all her goodies to display. Then she casually said, “So do you wanna come see my room?” like she was a teenager! 

I know she is ready for preschool- her little mind is like a sponge and she is ready to learn. She loves to do anything artsy- paint or do play-doh or glue leaves or whatever. She loves to play dress up- we inherited a fabulous bag of new things for her to play with and she gets them out practically every day.

She didn’t take these orange sunglasses off for like a week.

She says things everyday that are SO FUNNY to us (probably less funny to you). Yesterday she said, “That’s RIDICULOUS!” That has like four syllables! She also says, “I have an idea!” and “That’s a great idea” usually referring to a treat or watching a show or going to Grandma’s house.

Isabelle has been a little more challenging for me lately. No nap for her means that I don’t get that afternoon mom-reprieve like I used to. I’m sure part of it is her cast and having to deal with that, but she also has some 3-year old attitude happening and is really, really stubborn. And she knows how to pull out the drama (I wonder where she gets that.) Sometimes I have to mentally remind myself that she is three and she doesn’t realize that calling my name four hundred times a day kind of gets to me, ya know? Like WHAT CAN YOU POSSIBLY WANT OR NEED. Anyway. Besides those moments, she is a delight. Thoughtful and sweet and shares so well with Lincoln, they really play well together most of the time and I love that.

Lincoln is 15 months with the sweetest personality. He does not like to be left out. Anything Isabelle has or does, he needs too and he will FOR SURE let you know if he is upset. He totally throws tantrums, lays on the ground and cry-screams just to make his point that he ALSO needs a sippy cup. (Obviously!) Lincoln is a sort of picky eater? Some days he eats anything I put in front of him, and then the next day he doesn’t touch it. He still loves mandarin oranges, loves toast, and surprisingly loves mushrooms. He says mama and dada a lot, and has starting asking for “ma” for milk. He stands by the fridge when he says it like he knows exactly how to do it. If you ask him what’s in your mouth? He says “ahhh” and opens up. He also shakes his head no. It’s super cute.

Lincoln loves to push things around. Empty buckets or laundry baskets or Isabelle’s stroller in particular. He also loves soft things- he has this elephant pillow pet and just dives on it with his face, especially when he is tired. He is still going back and forth between one nap and two naps.. depends on how is sleeps the night before but most of the time he is a solid one nap a day kind of a baby. He also loves to put things away- he is nice and tidy and I hope that is a trend that continues.

This kid loves to be outside, more than anything else in the world. Now that he is walking and running so well, we can play in the yard and I can just let him be. He sits in puddles and throws rocks and trips over the grass. He also is obsessed with water and would splash and play outside all day if I let him. I love to watch him discover things and pick things up and try to figure them out.

His little buddy! About three weeks apart. No, they are not twins.
And this video is so cute I had to share it even though I don’t have any makeup on. That’s how cute it is. Lincoln is kissing all the animals on the pages


Lincoln continues to be my sweetie pie. He still is a cuddler, and just yesterday fell asleep in my arms for his nap. He is sooo ticklish and does this “tee-hee-hee” laugh that is so uniquely his that I could recognize it anywhere. One of my favorite parts of the day is when Jazz gets home from work and the kids hear the door open. Lincoln gets SO excited and runs over there as fast as he can. He also has a thing for my dad- like when we get to church he beelines for Grandpa and just hangs out with him.

And now you know I have kids! Surprise!

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  1. Your such a good mom! 🙂


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