Easter Sunday

Happy Easter!

We’ve had such a great weekend with our friends and family. New babies and uplifting church meetings and super adorable kids and lots of treats… can’t go wrong. We had an easter egg hunt at my parent’s house with the whole crew yesterday. They had their entire back yard decked out with eggs and games and stuff to do, they are the best ever. Isabelle did awesome despite only having one arm. (Grandpa carried her basket.) Lincoln was more excited to play in the water and eat rocks. You know.

I love when babies crouch like this.  

Best lil buds.

Love this face. Like “where are the eggs?”

Is this the cutest or what. do I need to retire the word cute.

Today we had early church so we got up in time to do our Easter baskets, eat, get everyone bathed and dressed and get to the church. I had to lead our primary kids in their Easter song during our meeting today and we’ve been practicing for weeks and weeks. Last night at eleven I couldn’t find my song book or my flip chart with pictures to help the kids remember the words. Seriously? I made sure I ironed all the church clothes early this week, had the baskets done, made like a billion bribery cookies for the primary kids, packed the church bags all in advance so Saturday night was “calm” and instead I was tearing through every nook and cranny looking for this stuff. Then I took a break to lay out my church clothes and I literally tried on four hundred things and found NOTHING to wear for Easter. I told Jazz I wasn’t going.

We are not a dramatic people.
Anyway. This morning was a rush- the kids loved their baskets though, and we loved watching them. It is actually fun to be the parent! As soon as we got to church, I found my song book and flip chart in the primary room just before we started Sacrament meeting and seriously I was so relieved I just about cried. Kids did a great job, it was Isabelle’s first time and oh man if it wasn’t so cute. She didn’t know a single word but stood up there super proud to be included.

Chocolate for breakfast? yeah ok!

Lincoln = not cooperating. 
Madilyn and Kira were in our ward today since Scott and JaNae have a new sweet baby to tend to- Isabelle loved having her cousins there.

I was a bit emotional at church today. Just so thankful for my family and my testimony of my Savior, Jesus Christ. So thankful for the Atonement and for His sacrifice for me and for all the people I love. 
Doing eggs last week, pre broken elbow. success.

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