celebrating baby sumsion

A few weeks ago we had a lovely shower here to honor JaNae and celebrate the imminent birth of Baby Boy Sumsion. T minus two days! This is JaNae’s third baby but first BOY so we really had fun with it.

The theme was “oh boy” and we went with bow ties… cause they are super cute you know. I put my new mini cricut to work. How did I ever live before that thing.

(details blurred, ovbs.)

We had bowtie pasta salad (get it!), cheeseball, big fruit salad (lanny), fresh homemade rolls (mom), chocolate strawberries…

And JaNae’s favorite- cheesecake for dessert. Homemade caramel sauce and chocolate sauce from Outback. Stuff is dangerous.

Onesie sugar cookie favors!

We ate lunch and opened lots of gifts and had dessert. My kind of party.

JaNae, Ryder and Kelly, Lanece

The crew! Minus Kstew who took the picture.

All of the Eliason women

Katie, JaNae, and me

The grandmas! So glad we all live close. 

Doesn’t JaNae look great? I love/hate her because she looks so good, you know. We are so THRILLED and EXCITED for this baby to join the family, we need some more little boy cousins running around. I can not wait to nuzzle his soft little head in just a couple more days!

2 thoughts on “celebrating baby sumsion

  1. Cute cute cute! Will you throw me a shower if I ever have a girl? 😉 Oh! And you must decorate my home cause yours is lovely.


  2. I agree! I want you to plan my next shower!!! Looks like a great party! And don't you just LOVE that Cricut?? I've had mine for about 6 years, and have literally worn the battery cord out! Had to replace it last summer!


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