not so funny bone.

Well. We have had an interesting 24 hours.

Last night we were just getting ready to leave my moms- I was packing up our crap and the kids were jammied and ready to go. Isabelle was a bit loopy since she hadn’t had a nap- just giggly in general. Anyway. She was playing around on the ottoman. And then she fell off.

I didn’t even see it, I was getting Lincoln’s milk from the fridge, but she landed on her arm. She got up and cried pretty good, immediately wanted me to hold her, and just wasn’t moving her arm at all.  Uh oh, we thought.

It didn’t look broken, and nothing was swollen yet, and she calmed down. So we took her home and she immediately fell asleep. We thought “Oh, she was just so tired from the no-nap thing, she cried a little extra hard, but she is okay!”

And we went about our business. Tidied up and grabbed some pirates booty to watch Amazing Race together. Isabelle woke up crying a sad cry. Not a regular Isabelle cry, a sad “I’m hurt” kind of cry. So we decided to take her to the ER. Jazz took her to the hospital since he works there and could hopefully expedite the process (which he did! perks.) Poor thing was so sad with this tiny little arm hanging at her side and these big alligator tears. It just about killed me to not go with her but Lincoln was already sleeping and we hoped it would be a quick visit.

Is there anything sadder than a little baby in pain? I felt so helpless like I couldn’t do anything and we were trying to be so careful with her but it just hurt. Like putting her in a carseat? Awkward. I didn’t know if I should lift her by her armpit or if her shoulder was hurt or what. Thankful for technology- Jazz face-timed me from the hospital so I could see her and she could see me and she showed me her little finger monitor and was so excited to tell me that they cut off her sleeve. Once the pain meds kicked in she was hilarious. Seriously so awesome.

A couple of x-rays confirmed a break. Of her ELBOW. I didn’t even know that was possible, but apparently it is. They splinted her up and gave her some good medicine and sent her home for the night. Between the broken elbow and a bad cough she slept on and off from about 12-8.

This morning we saw a great orthopedic trauma surgeon- same doctor that took care of my dad when he fractured his ankle in the fall. He wanted to take a couple more xrays to rule out surgery- but luckily, its a clean fracture and no surgery needed! Phew. She got to pick out her cast color, (pink of course) and will be sporting that for about a month.

She has been SO BRAVE. Hardly any tears, even during xrays and even the cast part- she did great. I think I cried more than she did.

“Mom, wook there are polka dots on dis.”
Leaving the ER last night
Getting her cast on

Should look great with her Easter Dress.

The guy that put her cast on was hilarious and made it so fun for her- took him all of four minutes to get her all set up. He wrapped her head and neck and just was silly with her- took her mind off what was happening  Always thankful for good people who are kind with children and take the time to be personal.

All done.

Once she got it set in the cast she could move around so much better! She has this teeny tiny sling to wear when she walks but I think she forgets a little bit that her arm is “bwoken.” Her cousins came over tonight with balloons and cupcakes and new toys to play with and it just MADE her day. I also told her she could pick whatever she wanted for dinner and she picked Panda. I thought that was hilarious. Grandpa picked some up for her, Grandma brought over fresh homemade bread for toast in the morning…. she is good to go.

I’ve never broken a bone, and neither have my siblings so the whole cast thing is new to me. I put a breadbag over it with a hair tie at the top, then wrapped it in a towel for a quick shower tonight.. any tips you guys have would be great. 

Looks like we will be home bound for a little while while she rests and heals…so proud of her for being so good and brave through this whole thing.

5 thoughts on “not so funny bone.

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  2. Poor little girl! I teared up just reading this post. You get more sensitive when your a mom I think. I am glad she doesn't need surgery. Ouchy! What a brave little girl.


  3. Press and seal works best for casts in the shower!


  4. Sad! But she looks so cute with her little cast.


  5. So sad. Aido broke his wrist a few weeks ago. I understand the hilarity when they give them the pain meds. Aido had us rolling. Did they not give her a waterproof cast??? That's what they did for Aido and it is awesome. Good luck. 🙂


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