more disney.

So pretty much our home has been a hot house of flu germs for the past four days. A really, really, gross kind of flu and all I have been doing is laundry and cleaning up barf and holding Lincoln on my hip and then also cleaning up barf. Tmi? 
But last Thursday were just getting home from our trip! We were thinking today like, “oh man. remember that awesome trip, let’s go back there. And also let’s not have the flu anymore. Mkthankssss.” At least it wasn’t last week, right? ANYWAY. More trip pictures.

Ariel’s Adventure

Everybody! Linc was sleeping. In the stroller. Out of sight. But, ya know.
Literally took one bite and said “I don’t wike dis.”
Look at all those babies! 

“Sit down wight here.”

Best lil buds.

Not thrilled with waiting in line, a churro sure helps.

Jazz has a baby hand, Jared is serving some food, Rachel is keeping her hair on, Sean’s hand  suggests, “I’m ron burgundy?”  

My peep and her lil peep!

Jazz gave him a taste of milkshake. This is what happened after it was gone.

Best parents ever in the history of all the parents.

So we were waiting in line to ride Dumbo, which is always like 20-30 minutes for some reason. We get right to the front and Isabelle has to use the facilities, if ya know what I mean. I have Linc, so my mom takes her. The nice cast member (that’s what they are called) lets me wait at the exit while everyone else rides so I can get on the next group of people with Isabelle without having to get in line and wait. I’m sure this happens all the time, hello children’s theme park. Then a small group joins me at the exit- a guide does some secret signals like they wanna load from the exit and I’m all HOLY CRAP THAT’S AMY ADAMS. She was there for a regular day with her daughter (who was all bedazzled like cinderella), you know, exactly what I like to do TWO DAYS AFTER THE OSCARS. She looked very casual and also very very tiny. I tried to be cool (totally my middle name) and as we got ready to get on the ride she was literally like three feet from me and I was like “oh look Isabelle she is dressed as Cinderella isn’t she so beautiful” but in my mind I was like “DUDE AMY ADAMS LETS HAVE A PLAYDATE!” Then we rode Dumbo.
Me and Mom on the left, Giselle from Enchanted on the right.
Lollipop courtesy of Aunt Mo while we were stuck (!) on Space Mountain.

Aaaand this is my favorite picture from the trip.

Tomorrow: Yes, we were stuck on Space Mountain and had to be manually evacuated.

2 thoughts on “more disney.

  1. Great family photo. Everyone looking at the camera AND smiling. Score!


  2. You should of started singing the Muppet song really loud when you saw AA. Or started singing a primary song. Ya know, cause she grew up Mormon. Also, apparently, since Jared knows these things, he says most actors are very tiny people.


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