disney wrap up.

hey everybody.

So we all go to ride Space Mountain and leave Isabelle, Lincoln, and Margo in the capable hands of Morgan and JR. Linc was supposed to go right to sleep (haha oh man.) and we thought we would be ten minutes since we had fast passes. Ride was great until the very end when it abruptly stopped. Like right after they take your picture towards the end? And we sat. And then all the lights came on and they started talking on the intercom.

We are stopped. In the tunnel. 
Mom and Dad. Just chillin.
Jeff in red- chief engineer for the park. Said they have to keep 87 attractions up and running.
What it looks like.

Anyway, something glitched and they had to shut down the ride, re boot it, and check the whole system. There was one car behind us that evacuated, and then they had to come and manually open our lap bars and let us out. We had to hop out onto the floor, like an actual hop, it was farther than I thought. It was fascinating actually, really interesting to see how quickly they responded and talk to the guys that keep everything running.

Walking out next to the track. Whaaaat!
Anyway, now we can say we were stuck on Space Mountain once. Our last day was Wednesday, and sadly everyone else had departed for their homes. We had a half day at the park before we had to board our plane, so of course we were there when the gates opened. Isabelle wanted to wear her Minnie dress to meet the princesses. We were really lucky and the park was MUCH less busy and there was hardly a line at all.
Her face when they walked out. Cutest thing ever.



We rode a few more rides and then finished with a big peanut butter chocolate sundae. Because nothing signals the end of vacation like early onset diabetes. (“Diabeetus” as my mom says.)

I thought maybe Isabelle would keep the dress on for the princess thing and then be done with it but OH NO. She wore it the entire day. At the park, at the airport, on the plane, ears and all. Go big or go home I guess.
By the time we landed at about 7 ish I was done. The trip is a lot of work in general, and Lincoln was an extra lot of work just because he is walking now and is a busy body and is so strong willed. And the kid loves sitting on my hip. We spent something like 45 hours at Disneyland in four and a half days. I am lucky that I have such a great husband to help when we go.. Feeding and changing and keeping everyone happy and taking trips to the bathroom, even getting ready in the morning is a lot of work! Of course I love it and would do it again once a month BUT I was tired. (But I will sayyyyy.. )
So we land. We deplane. Linc = hot mess. Isabelle = tired, no naps. Mom = needing ten minutes of true alone time, you know. Without anyone hanging on my leg. 
Jazz goes to get the car, I stay in baggage claim with two kids, double stroller, two car seats, three suitcases, a backpack and a diaper bag. I’m trying to feed Lincoln in the stroller and he will have nothing of the sort. He keeps turning his head and smearing food everywhere. I’m hot and tired and I know we still have a 2 1/2 hour car ride home.
Isabelle says she has to go potty.
Despite me asking her ten minutes ago when Jazz was with us. No, she didn’t have to go then, only NOW.
The thing about toddlers and being potty trained is you never know how long you have. Could be ten minutes. Could be a half hour. Could also be 47 seconds until some sort of accident happens.
Jazz texts me. It’s been about 20 minutes, I figure maybe he is almost here to the curb. 
“Hey, I can see you, still waiting for the bus.”
My thought process went like this: “No way. He has to be almost here. Maybe this text is old. Let me look outside. Nope. There he is. Right there. I’m going to explode now.”
Buses to the parking lot were behind and he was helpless, just waiting. I text Jazz back. He tries to mouth something across the street. Top five most frustrating things ever, trying to read lips from across the road. THIS IS WHY WE HAVE PHONES, I say. He suggests a diaper. 
Sooooo I strap a size five diaper on my almost four year old. In the airport. And then she filled it up. And then I had to take it off. So glamorous. I fought those ninja kids into their pajamas and gave them snacks/toys/drugs/whatever until Jazz returned. And then I hailed a cab home.
No just kidding we all rode together but I WANTED TO. 
Would I fly again? Ummmm probably not. Seemed harder than it needed to be. Maybe if I wasn’t so type A with all the crap we have “just in case.” Maybe if we traveled lighter or maybe if Lincoln was older or maybe if I could sit first class by myself, if you know what I mean.
Once we got home and I got a good nights sleep I forgot all about how much work it is and immediately started scheming another trip. And that is the magic of Disney. 

2 thoughts on “disney wrap up.

  1. Oh my gosh I needed this post today! You are hilarious, and I'm so sorry about your airport escapade. Traveling with kiddos (plural) sounds difficult to say the least.


  2. Your post stresses me out ha ha! I know how you feel – traveling with kids is an 'adventure'. Glad you can have a good sense of humor about it.


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