celebrating the love.

Valentine’s Day is just a great day for excuses.

Melting chocolate at 8:09 am? Sure. Strawberries and sprinkles? okay! Pink heart shaped pancakes for breakfast? Why not, it’s Valentine’s Day! I give myself a C for documenting the day. All the pictures are from my iPhone, I’ve gotten so bad about taking my big camera with me…it’s just one more thing to remember and it was a busy, busy day. Lincoln slept in a bit (glory hallelujah) so me and Iz dipped strawberries before breakfast.

We worked through two whole jars of sprinkles.
We spent the entire morning delivering our strawberries to some special Valentine peeps. Popped in to see Jazz at the hospital, Uncle Scottie and Grandpa at RECP, our little cousins, and of course finished off at Grandma’s house. We took some strawberries to my mom but I’m pretty sure Isabelle ate all of them. At least five. 

Later, we went for an afternoon walk to our favorite neighborhood bench. It’s actually a bench in this woman’s yard but she lets us sit on it ‘cuz my kids are adorbs. See.

Jazz and I always get Mexican food on Valentine’s Day (neither of us like to brave the crowds, working at restaurants has ruined that for me, and now that we have kids its like HAHA.) We grabbed burrito with my parents because how can you go wrong with The Bandito? Put kids to bed and caught up on some Tivo. 
Then Jazz surprised me with tickets for us to see Les Mis in Sacramento in June. Was the most thoughtful thing he could have done for me, he knows how much I enjoy theater and I know it’s not his thing so it was a big deal for him. 
Six Valentine’s Day’s ago, I brought homemade heart sugar cookies to Jazz. I think it was our second date. I wore a polka dot shirt and a black sweater and I ordered the shrimp tacos. Jazz brought me a box of grade school valentine’s and filled them out all for me. Like, 25 of them. I was sitting on his brown couch and then he kissed me for the first time. 
I think that might always be my favorite valentine’s day… but this one was a close second. 

1 thought on “celebrating the love.

  1. My strawberries are in the mail, right? Isabelle is killin me. I want to squeeze her.


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