Linc’s one year well check.

Linc loves being laid down. Loves it.

I took Lincoln to the doctor on Friday for his one year well check… never mind that it’s a month late. He is 22.7 pounds and 31 inches long, 50% for weight and 75% for his height. Tall and skinny. Actually I can’t believe how much thinner he looks than Isabelle did at the same age- she was round as could be. And, he weighs about a pound more than her! See?

And then he tried to escape. I’m such a good mom.

OH LINCOLN YOU ARE SO CUTE. Here’s a bunch of pictures from the last few days with mr. linc.

He woke up from a long nap all extra cuddly. aw. we look so much alike here. (sike.)

Attempted pre-church picture yesterday. As you can tell it went well.
“I will hold him.”

Have I mentioned that he has 14 teeth? FOURTEEN.

baby bowtie! cardigan!

Yesterday when I put Lincoln down for his nap he was exhausted. Like, after his milk he didn’t even want his paci which is weird for him since I’m pretty sure he will need a 12-step recovery program when it’s time to get rid of the paci. Anyway, he was so out of it that I opened the curtains and let some light in so I could sneakily take pictures of him sleeping. It was like the most dangerous game ever, every shutter click I took the risk of him waking up. But he slept right through it, little sweetie pie.

Those LIPS!

Hi we are twins just 33 years apart.

1 thought on “Linc’s one year well check.

  1. Awww!! What a sweet baby. Don't you love trying to take cute pictures? 😉 Ha ha! Stinkers. Erin Hiatt


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