I went to tuck her in.

I went to tuck her in
her room was dark, night lights on
I laid by her
we discussed our day
her voice chattered on
about best friends and bath tubs
I traced her face
her fluffy hair
her soft porcelain cheeks
I tickled her.
She giggled so hard.
out of breath
she asked me to stay.
and so I did.
Two more minutes.
One more minute.
A lucky hot dog minute.
She asked for a song.
And so I sang.
I’d stay by her forever
 in a twin bed
if it meant she would
always be three
and would always ask me
 how babies grow
and where bambi’s dad is
and if we can go to disneyland
“after my nap.”
I will always stay
as long as she needs me.
my heart aches
for the day she is grown.
I hear her now
making sleepy noises.
sweet dreams
my little isabelle.

3 thoughts on “I went to tuck her in.

  1. This is so lovely. Truly. And it is so apparent how much you genuinely appreciate these fleeting moments with your oldest child. I didn't. Each day seemed eternal when Mac was three. He was such a challenging child. Now that Brynja is (almost) three, I feel this way each day… this dream and hope that she'll just stay little. So to you I say, keep being a hero. Keep loving each moment. Those old ladies in the grocery store are so right. It does go by so quickly. In just a little over 5 years, my son will be 18. He's already getting whiskers and his voice is cracking. I would give anything… ANYTHING(!) to hold that three year old Mac and play with him for just one day. Thank you for this poignant post. ♥


  2. This is so sweet. Isn't being a Mom the best thing in the whole world? Your a great Mom. I love reading your Blog.Erin Hiatt


  3. You are an excellent writer Miccolene. This is beautiful and so sweet. The perfect thing to read to perk up my day. 🙂


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