bein’ ow-side.

I guess this is why we live in Redding…. February weather is glorious. Sunny clear skies, a little breeze, chilly enough for a sweater but not cold enough to need mittens. Babies won’t wear mittens, you know.We try to go on a walk as much as we can- there is a bench a couple blocks away that we go to…we sit, blow bubbles, and then come home.  Lincoln would rather be outside than anywhere else in the world. He tastes rocks and crumples leaves in his hands, trips over sidewalks and edges. Boy stuff, ya know? Isabelle prefers to dig in the “dirt” by our teeny orange tree or play with the hose. She keeps asking for the pool to be set up- its warm but not THAT warm though.  
Remind me of this post in four months when it is hot enough to fry eggs on the cement and we are miserable. 

Baby zipline!
Nope not riding a bike, just on a walk. With our helmet. Stealing our neighbor’s rocks.
This happens about four hundred times a day. Nono Linc, yucky.
Sprinklers? Sure why not. 
His favorite ride. 
And just because it is awesome. Naked baby tool belt.
teeny tiny saw and a teeny tiny hammer and a teeny tiny screwdriver.

1 thought on “bein’ ow-side.

  1. The mustache shirt! Oh man.Remember when you pulled that teeny tiny green bike out if the box, no assembly required?I do not remember Redding being this warm in winter when we were gowing up.That tool belt is hilar.


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