little isabelle

There been lots of talk about Mr. Lincoln on the blog lately and I wanted to do a little update about Isabelle.

She says, “Yee haw, chester’s dead!”

Ohhhh Isabelle. My best little friend in the whole world. Age three is awesome. She is learning so much, and her little mind is so curious and she is constantly talking/singing/asking questions. Every night when me and Jazz go to sleep we talk about our day, and we always have cute stories about things Isabelle has said and done. I could write books about our everyday life and how adorable she is, sappy I know but it is true. I had no idea that I would love my kids as much as I do- Isabelle is such a sweetheart but also very spunky and stubborn.

Lately she has started saying “riiight, right right” when she asks me a question and I answer, like she knew it all along but she forgot. Also like she is forty five.

“That would be a great idea”- her answer to making cookies or doing anything fun (like going to gwammas)

“My body is telling me I am hungry for cookies.” Also, “my body is telling me I am so hungry for outside.”

Did I already tell this story? We were having family prayer and I guess my prayer was a little lengthy for her because before I was finished she said “Amen. I said AMEN!” Like, let’s be done already! She always prays for the cutest things. One day she purchased some treasures with my mom, and later she said in her prayer, “thankful for all the things I got with gwamma and the one that changes color like blue and purple.” Another time she said, “please bless my elephant sammich” before lunch (sometimes I cookie cut out her pb and j sammy. ovbs.)

A couple times lately we have gotten ready for nap time and she has said, “No mom, I don’t need to be tucked in, I’m going to bed by myself. Goodnight.” Usually means she wants to play in her room without me knowing…When she wakes up in the morning she usually plays or reads in her room for awhile before coming out. We find her pajama-less and sitting in her chair with a book.

I said, “Isabelle, what do you want to be when you grow up?” Her answer- “Ummmm….. just izzie.”

When she wants to go to Grandma’s house she says. “Mom are you going on a date soon? you should go on a date.” She loves being over there and has told me several times that she would like to stay there forever. When I tell her we get to drive to Gwammas she says “OHHHH  SANK YOU MOM.” You are welcome, kid. When we do leave them for a night out, she always says, “Don’t worry mom, I will take good care of baby winc.” Such a good big sister. They are so sweet together. When we go to get Lincoln after his nap she likes to open the door first and sing “Good moooooorning merry sunshine good morning to you!”

Other gems:
     “Oh mom you are frackin me up.”
     “Mom- I has a wedgie I think my bum is leaking out.” (!!!!!!)
     “I can’t know” instead of “I don’t know”
     “Can I have butter on my cheese.”
     “There’s gonna be a necklace in there!” (giving a wrapped gift)
     “I dweemed about my family! And the snake swimming pool!” (we have an inflatable kids pool.)
     “We can get out my clothes and eeny meenie mo them.”

I know I put this on facebook but I must record it here because it was SO AWESOME. I was putting Isabelle to bed a couple of weeks ago and she was very tired, nearly asleep and her said, “Mom, some day I will be big and I will have my own phone and you will hand me dollars.” I seriously about died.

In our church, once you are three years old you graduate from the nursery into the Sunbeam class in primary.  Isabelle moved into her new class at the first of the year and, once she got past an initial shy phase, is really doing well. She loves her teachers and she loves her little church friends. I am so lucky that I get to teach the kids music during primary time, and there she sits in the front row with a big smiley face and her cute hair and her arms folded all reverently.

Isabelle loves to dip her food in anything. She loves to read Cinderella and Peter Pan and also Yertle the Turtle. She loves to dress up, she loves to play pretend with her kitchen and her babies. She is very specific about the way she does things (polka dot blanket, then the pink one, THEN the tiny green softie one) and has an opinion on what she wants to wear. She loves to be fancy and have her nails painted with me. She knows lots of songs but her recent favorite are I am a Child of God, the ABC song, and the “nite nite” song. I love listening to her before she falls asleep sing the “nite nite song” to all of our family members, extended family, friends, and finally to any objects in her bedroom. (Nite nite closet…nite nite closet nite nite closet, its time to say good night.)

Isabelle loves to be outside. She loves to go for walks or wagon rides and we always have to bring a bag to collect treasures like dandelions and rocks. (sorry neighbors.) We have a little route that we go on, and she has regular stops on the way like the communal mailboxes and that one house with a real cat in the window and the cement bench in the yard on the corner. She loves to be in the front and sings “We’re following the leader” from peter pan. She always says, “What a beee-u-tiful day to be owside.”

safety first.

These pictures are from ballet class last week. She loves her dance class, it is the best part of her week.

She is doing her bum dance. Paying attention, of course.

I love her little legs! And her neck and her crooked arm and her ponytail.

blurry, but cute.

Love, love, love her.

2 thoughts on “little isabelle

  1. Butter on her cheese! Haha. Best toddler ever.I want one.


  2. So cute!!! Three was by far my favorite age. I love the things they say.


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