insta-update vol. 15

FUNNIEST thing happened last week.

Remember how I said I was comfortable? And had a schedule going? And I was all like yesssss?!
HAHAHA oh man. in a period of four days, Lincoln went from two naps to one, and Isabelle went from definitely napping everyday to eh maybe napping and also staying up until ten pm every single night. SO FUNNY.
Now we adjust again, like we always do when stuff changes. Not that I have a choice, I mourn the loss of my morning time to shower during Lincoln’s nap. Farewell, hair and makeup, hello dry shampoo and ponytails. But excited for more freedom to go places in the morning? Bright side? Silver lining? Anyway, thought you should know. Don’t write stuff like that on your blog because you are just ASKING for things to go haywire.
daily walk/post nap cookies.
has no fear/sprinklers in january
in n out with besties/her favorite monster to draw
late costco run/help with the dishes
found her like this at 11 pm. babies tucked, reading dr suess/next day nap time
feeding the ducks/leigh found this on her phone and sent it to me, I died. Linc is minutes old.

1 thought on “insta-update vol. 15

  1. ha ha I hate it when your routine gets changed. Your like, Noooooo!!! ha ha ha ha oh man.


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