It is freezing outside today and Lincoln is SO MAD we didn’t go on our post lunch walk around the neighborhood.

We have a routine going after Jazz leaves for work, me and Isabelle and Mr. Lincoln and it feels comfortable again. Like I guess I am used to having two children now? Only a year into this whole thing. I don’t feel constantly behind as I used to feel, and going places doesn’t require four hours of planning and preparation. Laundry gets done and dishes washed. Food prepared and eaten. We can usually navigate costco and safeway without any major meltdowns. We live and thrive on a rough draft schedule of the day, meals and naps and playtime. Everyday I ask Isabelle what she wants to do, and usually we can accommodate her. (Except Disneyland. She would go every single day.)

Usually Jazz heads off to work and Isabelle joins me in bed to warm up since at some point she has discarded her pajamas. Soon Lincoln is awake and we all have breakfast together. Yogurt, bread and strawberries for Isabelle, our dainty dipper. Oatmeal or cheerios for Linc. Eggs for me. I clean up while the kids play and then we get the kids dressed and ready for the day. More playtime, Linc naps so I can shower. (bless you child.) Lincoln wakes up! Lunch. Errands or a big long walk around the neighborhood. Time for afternoon nap horray hallelujah. Kids go to sleep, I eat lunch and catch up on a show or whatever. I savor that time, I love being a mother but it is soooo nice to have a rest mid way through the day. For whatever reason if the naps don’t work out great it makes the day longity-long long longers, you know? Mama needs a break. I’m sure now that I feel like I have the hang of it, Linc will drop his morning nap and Isabelle will grow out of an afternoon nap and I’ll be behind again.

Don’t get me wrong. There are days that we don’t change out of pajamas and I find cheerios cemented to the floor and I’m so tired that we play the “pretend mom is sleeping” game or “can you count to a hundred” game. Both winners.

Also, I’m working on printing my blog into a book through blurb. Has anyone done this? I always say I’m going to do it and then I don’t. It’s a big project and I’m like five years behind and turns out it is actually really time consuming. Tons of rearranging pictures and moving words around and separating entries and blurggg. I downloaded just the year 2012 to do first- and its like 400+ pages to sort through. It will be worth it? Someone tell me it will be worth it. It IS fun to go back and read, and I’m thinking it will be great to have an actual tangible copy around the house.

Other notes.

How long can I leave Lincoln’s red party balloons up.

When do I have to grow out my trendy bangs. I mean, especially since Mrs. Obama just got hers. I’m still good, right?

Lincoln is walking 99 percent of the time.

Isabelle is crazy saucy cute 99 percent of the time.

Disneyland is on the books. Feels good.


3 thoughts on “1/25/213

  1. You're such a cute mom! Keep those bangs. They look so good on you! About the blog book… maybe you'll be better than me. I started it and bailed halfway through because oh my gosh that's a ton of copping this pic and moving these words!!!! I wanted to rip my hair out. Maybe you've motivated me to try it again. There just has to be an easier way.


  2. I agree with Candace – you are a fabulous Mom, your entertaining to the rest of us, and you can defiantly pull off the bangs. πŸ™‚ That makes me feel better that you need nap time for “you time”, and that some days you guys live in jammies. It's hard to be a mommy. I envy you that you get to be a stay at home mom. When you work full time, and try to balance mommy and wife time, you feel behind. But when I am home on the weekend, I defiantly feel how you do in this post. And you have TWO kids. You are amazing. πŸ™‚


  3. I almost think moms need naptime more then the kiddos. I was heartbroken when Aido stopped napping. The break and the me time is a wonderful thing. I love that you are printing your blog I think that is a great idea. Especially since you keep so up to date on yours. πŸ™‚


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