Christmas Day

I was so excited I could hardly sleep.When I heard Lincoln make noise about 7:30 we both jumped out of bed to get the party going. We filmed Isabelle as she searched the room and found newly fixed up Olivia:
She was so excited I seriously almost cried. Surprise.
And then we opened presents.

Princesses from Lincoln.
Linc was excited to put everything in his mouth.

After we have Christmas morning at our house, we put on our slippers and go to my parents’ house for breakfast and of course, more gifts. 

New toy for Grandma’s house.
Playing doctor. One of Isabelle’s favorite gifts.
Cinnamon rolls and Christmas eggs.
Morgan this one is for you.

baby overallsssssss.

Our day was filled with way amazing gifts, being around our family, enjoying a big honey baked ham, and some delicious rest time for everyone. I feel so spoiled and received so many seriously thoughtful presents, things that I would buy for myself (that is a complement.) everyone knows me so well.

Most of all, it was a time for us to be together as a family and celebrate the birth of our Savior, Jesus Christ, who gave the greatest gift of all. Hope you all had a Merry Christmas with the people you love!

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