Christmas festivities.

I’m at that point a few days after Christmas when you are coming down from the holiday high and facing putting away the tree and stockings and its just a little bit sad. You know. It was also weird that Jazz had to go back to work on Wednesday. Like Merry Christmas, have a good day honey.

I enjoy Christmas so much but even more so with my babies. Isabelle was SO FUN this year, is three the most perfect age or what? She is so saucy and says the funniest things ever. Here is the Christmas Eve rundown.

First we made our cookies for Santa with our new cooking apron courtesy of the Parkers:
“Mom, I have a taste?”

“Santa will wuv dees spwinkles.”

We made cookies and our family cinnamon rolls, cleaned up the house and headed to moms for our traditional seafood dinner. Dad made homemade chowder and we sat around and worked through our crab. Always a favorite for me.

Crab crackers are for weenies.  Serious people use their bare hands.

Isabelle opening her slippers and jammies.

Madilyn and Isabelle 
Lincoln kindly removing things from the tree.

Okay this is the cutest thing everrr I wish I had a better picture. It’s a velcro fabric tool belt with all these little soft tools. Thanks Mark and Loretta! Linc obviously loves the hammer.

Mary and Joseph
Joseph and baby Jesus. Lincoln was fired  as baby Jesus when he attempted to crawl away from the manger.

Reading the grinch.

SO, OKAY– THEN. We were all sitting around the living room listening to my mom read perform the Grinch and Linc suddenly takes off and WALKS. Like, major walking, six or seven steps to my arms. We were all so shocked there was a collective *gasp* from the room when he wobbled towards me. Dad had my camera and caught a blurry picture of his REAL FIRST STEPS! Oh it was so fun to all be there, I guess Lincoln just needed an audience…he is in the right family. (Since then we have had lots more walking!)

We caroled and read stories and did the nativity (twice) and returned to our own house to set things up for Santa Clause. Cookies, carrots and oats for the reindeer, and a big glass of milk. Isabelle helped me write a letter to him about Olivia. I think I  mentioned on the blog that she wanted Santa to give Olivia new hair and new stuffing for Christmas. She left Olivia by the cookies and went to bed.

Olivia 1 vs Olivia 2

And to all a good night.

2 thoughts on “Christmas festivities.

  1. Also Madilyn's picture faces…seriously child…


  2. (This is Nicole.) I am dying that Lincoln first walked on Christmas Eve in front of the entire family. You can't plan in better than that!!! Amazing. Also, ever since I got your Christmas card I've been wanting to tell you that, wow, I thought I dressed my boys cute and then I saw Linc. Suspenders? Bowtie? SO CUTE. You have taken little boy fashion to a whole new level for me!


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