snow snow SNOW.

I can’t NOT sing the white Christmas song, sorry.

While we were making cookies last Saturday, it was cold enough to give us just the tiniest bit of snow and we were THRILLED. I can’t remember the last time it snowed here…. couple times in my childhood and maybe once or twice while I was away at college but none since we moved here.

Look ma, it’s snowing. sort of.

California oranges on our giant tree.
Later I had Madilyn and Kira over for some play time and it had REALLY snowed, like stuff was actually on the ground so we suited up and went out. 
Snow comes up, Charlie Brown.. Snow comes up!

Their faces.

Madilyn threw snowballs over the fence. Mostly they just ate it.
Linc was pretty bummed he was on the wrong side of the glass.
AND THEN. Mom had this great idea to drive up to the snow on a Saturday with the whole crew. Oh man, you should have seen us. Like we were packed for a weekend at the cabin. We piled in two suburbans and headed up about an hour east to the mountains, and they had tons of snow. Possibly more than we (I) was prepared for?
Isabelle’s outfit. Oh my hell. So JaNae was smart and found some bibs/boots/coats for her girls and I’m all like nah it won’t be that cold. SIKE it was like 30 degrees, four feet of snow, and I have leggings under jeans for Iz.  So we put boot covers on her pants. An ear muff around her waist. A neck warmer over her torso. Bandana. Rainboots. Fleece gloves. White trash day at the snow. MOM OF THE YEAR. I felt so bad, I totally failed on the planning. And planning is like my thing, you know.

Madilyn, Isabelle

Grandma Cindy, Izzie the Thug, Madilyn the ninja at the top

Beardy McScruffpants 

I took Linc in the ergo for transport, since he isn’t walking and I couldn’t just set him in the snow and let him chill and let me tell you what he LOVED IT. Can you tell! So joyful! So we get the kids suited up, hike all the way in to the hill, pack the snow down for a couple of runs and then Izzie says, “I want the picnic. I’m cold. I’m done.” Literally, maybe 12 minutes and the kids had enough. Next time we will feed them before we suit them up and maybe also next time have the proper snow gear, duh mom.

Baby K. Her gloves are killing me.

We all had a picnic between the cars and warmed up with hot chocolate and snowman cookies. Why do sandwiches taste so much better on snow days? Like skiing and stuff? Sandwiches are like magic food. We had a great time despite our brief outdoor time… kids were cute and enjoyed the snow.
Maybe the best part of the whole trip was when we returned to the car and we were getting all settled… and Dad pulls out his snow shoes to test them out. Someone said Dad is like a modern day ken doll… just has different outfits and equipment for any given situation.
Cross Country Ken:

1 thought on “snow snow SNOW.

  1. That picture of Isabelle's outfit still makes me laugh my head off…


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