fall family photos. a bit late.

Happy New Year!

Last night Jazz and I toasted with cider in our bed and whispered our resolutions while Isabelle coughed up a lung on the floor beside us. It was so special.

It started just before Christmas with Lincoln- a double ear infection (what number is this for him, like twelve) and FOUR molars pushing through. Meant a high fever and a snuggly baby who wanted to set up shop on my hip for about a week. He started feeling better just in time for Christmas weekend… then last weekend Isabelle had a crazy high fever for three days but no other symptoms? Like a flu with no barf? Poor thing she just wanted to lay around, read stories and watch doc mcstuffins. Shes doing better now but has this dry cough at night that keeps her awake. She was so mad last night because she would fall asleep for a few minutes, then cough herself awake and she was all why the hell am I awake I am so tired! Throw a fit, fall asleep, repeat cycle. Was not our best night. And why is there not better cough medicine for three year olds?  Honey worked great for about three minutes. We had vicks on her (and her feet with socks. why does that help) and the humidifier and everything. MISERY.

(Sidenote. We had a date on Friday night before Iz was deemed “sick” and we ended up cutting it short since she got a high fever… she was telling us that the babysitters “put a washcloth on my brain to make it feel better.” So cute I almost died.) (double sidenote. we have the greatest baby sitters everrrrr.)

ANYWAY. the point of this post. Happy New Year.

New family pictures, didn’t share them earlier since we had to wait for Christmas gifts to be opened.

KStew does it again! If you can get in on her fall mini session day, DO IT.

Linc’s bowtie? A vintage toy firetruck? Barnwood and tire swings? Yesssss.

(I was like okay micci just pick about 6 or 8 to post and then I was all HAHA yeah right.)

Possibly my favorite.

2 thoughts on “fall family photos. a bit late.

  1. Amazing! Gorgeous family!


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