Tonight after a super busy and satisfying day, I got to rockabye little Lincoln. He was so heavy and tired and sleepy, all fuzzy and warm in his sleep sack. Full and happy from a late snack and milk. He batted at my face and I nibbled his fingers until he was too tired to keep his eyes open and his breathing slowed into a deep sleep. Eventually his paci fell out and his mouth popped open, just like Isabelle’s used to do as a baby. I stayed an extra minute in the rocking chair and tried to record all the details of that moment- how he felt in my arms, his warm body, the sound of the humidifier, the darkness of the room. I tried to memorize how his body fit into mine, across my chest and nestled into my arms like a puzzle piece.

If someone could invent a way to record physical memories, I would pay big money to be able to rockabye my babies far longer than they can fit in my arms. How I love to rockabye my sleepy babies.

As long as as I’m living my baby you’ll be.

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