minnie + mickey

Photo overload! All cute! Couldn’t resist! 

She wanted me to make sure I got the back of her outfit.

We tried our best to get them together:
But mostly got this:

Little Miss Muffet, Minnie, Rapunzel Ever After, Sharky, Mickey

Margo and Linc. So cute. Holding hands.
Morgan said, “They look like little burglars here!”

Linc looks exactly like a Sea Lion here. Exactly.

We visited some friends and then ended up at my moms house for her annual Sloppy Joe Open House sort of thing. last year Jack Sparrow, this year Effie Trinket. Nailed it. She is fabulous.

It was kind of drizzly out so Jazz took Iz to a few houses and I stayed indoors with Linc. Isabelle is so shy around new people she really did not want to ring their doorbells and talk to them for treats. Not when Grandma has a huge bucket of treats right by her front door! Hellooo! Her favorite part was answering the door with my mom and giving out treats, such a little helper. She got to stay up super late, eat a bunch of candy, and see all her favorite friends. Best day ever. And Linc… Linc just wasn’t feeling so hot with his ear infections so he passed out before he could get his paws on any candy… maybe next year.
It’s time to take down all the Halloween decorations. You know what I’m going to say… I already want to put Christmas up. Don’t hate me! Like am I supposed to put all of my regular stuff back on the shelves and walls for like two weeks and then do this whole process again? Also, how do we keep Lincoln from owning the Christmas tree? My friend Beth (whats up Beth!) just hand delivered to me a box of my favorite seasonal White Fudge Oreos from the very first Target shipment. That’s pretty much all the encouragement I needed.

1 thought on “minnie + mickey

  1. Cute, cute costumes! Nice job. And I especially love Izzie's face in the pic where Linc is crying. She looks totally disgusted–hah! Glad you had a great Halloween.


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