Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween!

Both kids are napping, I’m semi-watching The Voice on tivo, my sliding door is open so I can hear the rain, and I have a pumpkin cream cheese cookie. I’m in my happy place. (“Cause I got one leg, jealousssss?”)

Isabelle finally “gets” Halloween this year I think. She got to choose her own costume and pick out her pumpkin and she says stuff like “ohhh thats spoooooky.” Holidays are way more fun with babies and kids and stuff. We carved up our pumpkins for family home evening on Monday night and she mostly enjoyed it. I say mostly because she was not about to scoop those guts out with her bare hands! Who does that!

Most happy she got to hold a plastic knife.

Love this face.

We kind of had to take turns doing the pumpkin carving because of this hot mess:

He’s so cute, even when he cries. Linc was just a super fuss for the last few days and last night after I put him down, he kept waking up screaming. He only has screamed like that once before, and it was an ear ache. I pushed on his one ear- super sensitive, more screaming. Finally ran to dads, dad used his scope to confirm ear infection in my sad little baby, sent Jazz to the pharmacy ten minutes before close. PHEW. Hope those antibiotics help. He is such a good happy boy normally that I knew something was off. Anyway.

Not a fan of the slimy insides.
Jazz was so cute- he let Isabelle draw on the pumpkin with marker, then he basically cut out around the outside of her shape. We call it the Mike Wazowsky. Mine is a ghost in the moon. Jazz did a cute jack o lantern face. SUCCESS. Next year we agreed to invest in a pumpkin carving set.
Isabelle has been wearing her costume all day today- we had lunch with Jazz at the hospital and ran a couple of errands.. Luckily we got some cute pictures outside before the rain hit- not sure how trick or treating will go in the drizzly cold. Hope you all have a fun/safe night with your families- we will be over at my parents’ for their party this year featuring Effie Trinket!

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