the good, the bad, the ugly.


Lincoln is having a grumpy week. I told my mom that he is either teething or else growing horns because hot potato the kid can not make up his mind. He is SO cute and kissable and then also he wants me to simultaneously hold him and put him down so he can be free but PICK ME UP he says with his sad face. Last night after dinner, me and Iz ran to TJ Maxx to return some pants and eyeball the new Christmas stuff. (Me: “Jazz, do you like these pants on me?” Jazz: Long pause, “….ummmmm.”) She carried around a clearance back scratcher as we wandered the aisles and it reminded me of when we only had one child. Remember that? One kid! More sleep! We had kind of a busy day and were in and out of the car quite a bit. So much, that I counted 38 times I buckled or unbuckled a car seat. This is my life, people. Car seat buckles.

Hi, I’m not napping.
Tomorrow is the day I start big time better eating/losing baby weight. Linc is finished nursing, he will be ONE in eight weeks (!!!) and so I have no excuse as to why I’m still chunky. I’m looking forward to shedding some of this so I can feel better and fit back into my clothes. It takes me a long time, I don’t “bounce back” like a lot of women. Part of the territory I guess. I got all my grocery shopping done and I’m ready to go. Feels good.
Also, I know we discuss this every year but seriously can I put Christmas up yet? Not quite? We don’t have Thanksgiving dinner at my house, so I don’t feel like we need to hold out for that. Every one says take time to be grateful and count blessings before getting all commercial and red and green glitter but I think I can totally be thankful for my shiz while admiring a sparkly Christmas tree. Just a thought. Isabelle asks everyday, “Is it time to put Christmas up yet?” That’s m’girl. She also made a hilarious Christmas list that said “Slippers, slippers for Grandma, sparkly shoes, new hair for Olivia, a big book for Charlotte and a small book for me, dinosaurs, a new tiny tree for baby Linc.” She is my favorite girl ever.
Speaking of sparkles, I figured out how to use the shellac nail polish system with GLITTER. Like, regular Martha Stewart craft glitter. Thanks to a half off Michael’s coupon, I now own 24 sparkly shades for $14. I’m obsessed…come over and we can do them together. See,
DIY shellac glitter nails. I\'m obsessed. by miccolene
A final note: daylight savings is stupid. Benjamin Franklin, I want to punch you in the throat. I thought maybe we could move to Arizona, but it is too hot there. Canada maybe? Too cold. We eat dinner when it is dark and then my body says its time for bed but really we have to entertain the babies for two more hours. Twice a year our schedules get way out of whack and we have to shift our lives an hour JUST to do it again six months later.

A final final note: The electoral college is frustrating. 

2 thoughts on “the good, the bad, the ugly.

  1. I am DYING to put up Christmas too. We got a new house and I just imagine these fantastic pine swags on the windows and it makes me want to skip around with a red and green fairy wand.


  2. Christmas? I say go for it! my husband is a grinch, so I have to hold out just long enough so it doesn't get him over irritated throughout Christmas season! Shellac manicures: do you have the DIY at home kit? I have been thinking about getting one (we sell them at Walgreens now)! But it is expensive to start…thoughts? worth the money? and yeah, I don't bounce back either, my “baby” is 14 months and I am still not back down to my pre-pregnancy weight…I blame the fact that In-N-Out and Starbucks are walking distance from my work and they just call my name on my lunch break!


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