Isabelle’s Birthday

We had such a great day celebrating Isabelle’s Third Birthday- filled with all of her favorite things. We opened a few presents in the early morning before Jazz left for work. (Love her fluffy sleep hair.)

After breakfast, we hurried to meet Madilyn and her preschool at the pumpkin patch. We went last year and  had a great time, so when we were invited again we jumped at the chance. These girls are the best of friends. 

Can I just say that Lincoln got very heavy carrying him around the entire farm. Hard to take pictures/help Isabelle do anything…thank goodness Aunt JaNae and Grandma Cindy were there. 

How cute is this picture.

Exhausted from her morning. Balloon = neccessary.
Jazz took off early from work so we could spend the rest of the day together. Our gift this year was a new trike. She has been talking about her own bike for months and months, we thought this was a good way to start. (Remind me to tell you the story of how we obtained this bike, it’s funny.)

Love this face. She is working so hard to figure out the pedals.
We grabbed a celebratory mini cupcake at The Sweet Spot…
And met our family for dinner at the Burrito- it’s Isabelle’s favorite. 

I was tucking her into bed that night and I said, “Isabelle, did you have a good birthday today?” She said, “but mom, it’s not over yet!” Aaaaand that’s my girl. 

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