Isabelle, 3 years

To my sweet baby Iz, on the eve of her third birthday,

Oh little girl, you don’t know how much I love you. I just tucked you in all cozy in your bed- we read stories together and you asked for a song. I sang the song I have sung to you nearly everyday since you came. You know it by heart now, you finish all the lines for me. My heart is full and my soul aches for you because I love you so much. I die inside just a little bit every time I thinking about sending you to kindergarten or heaven forbid, to college. Please don’t go, we’ll eat you up we love you so. I wish I could share you with everyone and keep you all to myself at the same time because you are so precious and sweet.

This year has been so wonderful for us both. You learned to speak sentences, to run and to jump, to swim.  You learned the alphabet, shapes, colors and numbers. You grew out of all of your shoes and clothes. You grew out of your crib. You grew out of diapers. You grew into the world of ballet. Of Mickey Mouse. Of animals and painting and puzzles. You love to be busy.

The other day you asked me if owls could fly. I said yes. You asked if they have wings. I said yes again. I can tell your mind is so curious, always thinking and learning new things. Your personality is explosive and your laugh is infectious. Somewhere along the way you picked up some major sass. You often tell me you are in charge, or that its your turn to drive, or “I SAID NO.”

Three years ago, you came into this world, pink and perfect and new. I will never forget how it felt to hold your tiny warm body next to mine, your froggy shape curled up on my shoulder. To hold you, to inhale your scent, to feed and to rock you. To brush my lips across your fuzzy soft head and pat your smooth back with my hand. You were a perfect fit.
2 years ago:

One year ago:

This year:

Three years of feeding you, of bum wiping, of soothing tears and telling stories and tucking you in. I’m thankful for every single day I have with you. You are the light of my life, you are the best part of my day, my favorite little girl in the world. Thank you for coming to our family. Happy birthday to you, my little love.



3 thoughts on “Isabelle, 3 years

  1. Remember when she was so teeny tiny! Happy Birthday little Isabelle, I want to squeeze your little face and thighs


  2. This made me cry! Micci, you are such a great writer, and an amazing mother. – Erin Hiatt


  3. Tearful reminder of how precious our little girlies are to each of us mommy's.


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