epic vacation part 3 (the conclusion.)

If you are going to attend a zoo, may I suggest the one in San Diego. We had such a great time, despite the weather being like sweaty swamp magoo hot. There was so much to see and cover, there’s no way to get it all done in one day but we did our Sumsion best. 
Does anyone else from back East call this a Tager?

One of the real highlights was seeing the panda bears. Obviously they are rare and super endangered.. I’ve never seen one in real life before. They are cute and fat and fluffy and all they do is eat. Sean told me they have to hide the bamboo around the enclosure so that the pandas actually get up and move. I guess there can be a huge line (like an hour!) to walk by the pandas but it wasn’t very busy and we basically walked right in. Really interesting, super glad we went. Isabelle loved seeing the elephants and was VERY disappointed we didn’t get to feed a giraffe. Apparently that only happens during the summer busy season and wasn’t an option for us. SAD. We did feed some goats though, and they are basically the same.

Too hot for pants. Also, we got zero pictures of Lincoln this day because I am an A+ mother and my camera battery died. This was the day Linc basically said I’VE HAD ENOUGH and wanted OUT and DOWN. We were exhausted and so hot at about 4 and despite my Sumsion instincts to close down the park, we called it an early day after a five dollar ice cream cone. Both kids fell asleep in the car so we drove up the coast and saw the ocean, found a SPRINKLES bakery and packed a picnic for the San Diego Temple. Total win.

Isn’t it beautiful! (Taken with my phone)

When we got there, we realized it was closed for refurbishment, so we sat outside the gates and ate our dinner. Eventually we saw a few people milling around and they told us it was fine to walk the grounds. So beautiful! I think I have been there before with my family but not in a long, long time. Right off the freeway, you seriously can’t miss it. 
Two of these ended up face down on the floor. Such a tragedy.
Eventually we crashed back at our hotel for the night, and the next morning, drove back up to LA to see the southern Sumsion family for the day. We had lunch together, and then me and Rachel went to the Los Angeles temple together.
We stayed with them for the evening and had delicious pizza and laughed and our kids ran around together. Sidenote: Rachel delivered a sweet baby girl FIVE days later! Can you believe it! She is super woman. Welcome baby Allison Kate.
Relaxin’, sharing a blankie.
Just the best little pals.
I swear I’m almost done but I have one more day to do and I don’t want to do a whole separate post so this one just got longer. Hang in there! Sunday was our final FINAL day at Disneyland. Surprise, it was super hot again. We got there pretty early so we could do Peter Pan before it got too busy… we also did the Jungle Cruise which Isabelle loved. (“The boat ride!”) Finished up all the things we wanted to, and then stayed late for the fireworks.

Halloween time at the park is so much fun.
I love this picture. I love Isabelle so much.

That face! Those cheeks!

Watching the fireworks from the square right there at the end of Main Street was just one of those special moments from the trip. I love the fireworks and it was so fun to finish up our whole vacation watching them- Linc slept through them, I held Isabelle cheek to cheek and watched her little face light up with each explosion. Jazz stood next to me and squeezed my hand and I felt like a million dollars..standing with my family, watching Tinkerbell fly to the castle. Makes me cry every time. So thankful for this wonderful vacation we were able to take all together.

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