epic vacation part 2

Surprise! More pictures! Only two of us are wearing pants in this picture!

Iz: “And some for baby wiiiiinnc.” She loves his ears.
So we took Isabelle to meet some princesses. She actually knows them and was really excited to see them.  Her favorites are Ariel, Cinderella, and Belle since she has seen those movies. AS LUCK WOULD HAVE IT, Ariel, Cinderella, and Snow White were out when we passed by the line, so we hopped in. We waited for forty minutes in the sweltering desert heat, only to get to the front of the line and I KID YOU NOT, we were next to go and they swapped them out for fresh princesses. Tiana? Jasmine? Not our favorites! But she did get to meet Belle so that was consolation. She didn’t want to talk to them or hug them, she only wanted to show them her sparkly pink nails. 

Here are my nails. 

Also, here are my nails again. 

Nails! Belle was sweet with her. What a fun job.
This is outside Ariel, which we rode twenty times, and I am not exaggerating. 7+ minutes of air conditioning.

We were sad to leave Disneyland on Wednesday night- we stayed late for World of Color where Linc slept on us throughout the show. Good dog, Carl. 
Thursday we got up bright and early and drove down to San Diego to be at Sea World for the day. Now, if you know me, you know I love all things ocean, specifically sharks and whales and stuff. SUPER EXCTED for Sea World. After being there all day I was just “meh” about the park- don’t get me wrong there were some huge highlights. Such as:
The park not being busy. 

Iz not thrilled. Kind of scary.
By far, my favorite part of the entire park was seeing the beluga whales in the Artic exhibit. This totally blew my mind. You ever have those moments where you just feel the majesty and grandeur of the entire earth and feel very small? Like when you know that there is a God and he created everything? I was so overwhelmed, these animals are so beautiful and graceful and we really got to be up close to them. They look so soft and fluffy and all smiley and marshmallowy. 

They offer a beluga interaction program and I was like SIGN ME UP. Skin shamu and make me a wet suit and I’ll hop right in that frigid water. Maybe next time. 
Waiting for the dolphin show. BLAZING HOT.
Orca wanted in on the snuggle. ( Linc was too hot for pants. Ovbs.)

We stood here at the window for a good half hour, she was mesmerized.

Watching the Orca show with “binoculars.”
So okay we loved the killer whale show, the arctic exhibit, the shark enclosure. We got to touch a dolphin! (softer than I expected.) I did not love it being 239847 degrees and my skin melting off. We also did not enjoy the food. You can’t bring in your own so they force you to eat their stuff. Barf. If I lived down there I’d totally get an annual pass, would be worth it…lots of great stuff to do… but we probably won’t be back for a few more years. 
I also felt sad for the animals a little bit. You know that part in Happy Feet where all the penguins are in a zoo exhibit and they have kind of lost their minds? Like that. Some tanks seemed so little. I know they would probably rather be in the wild, but I think they take good care of them at sea world. Maybe its like the Four Seasons of animal enclosures? 
Up next: The Zoo and our return to The Park…

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