epic vacation part 1


How am I supposed to condense our big vacation into a single blog post? We were gone ten days, drove 1500 miles, spent 53 hours in Disneyland alone…800+ pictures. You’ll just have to get the cliffs notes version.

As you can imagine, we had a fabulous time. We spent four days in Disneyland, a day in sea world and another at the san diego zoo, one day spent with our southern Sumsion family, and we just couldn’t return home without tagging on an extra day at Disneyland. The beauty of having an annual pass. Isabelle is turning three next week (I mean, whaaat.) so she got in for free every where we went! Yesss to bargains.

You know I’m gonna do a couple picture vomit posts of this trip, and then probably a bonus traveling with babies post. So, just a heads up for the next week or so you will be bombarded. You’ve been warned.

We drove down to Anahiem last Saturday, and stopped in Los Angeles on the way to have dinner with Sean and Rachel and Jakob. They are living in LA for a year while Sean does his first year of Residency at White Memorial Hospital downtown. So fun to see them, and it was nice to break up the drive a little bit.

Sunday was our first day at Disneyland. There are two places other than my home that feel like heaven to me- one is the temple, and the other is Disneyland. There is something so magical and special about being in that park that just can’t be replicated or replaced. Walking down Main Street towards the castle in the early morning hours with the music playing and the grounds all pristine- perfection. Maybe because I have great memories there, maybe because my parents love it so much that it holds sentimental value? (Not everyone feels this way. Some people love to go camping or do a cabin in the mountains, some people go to the beach or the ocean. Time share in Mexico. Whatever. We do Disneyland.)

Isabelle’s most favorite ride. 

Me n Linc, Small World

Parade! Saw Nemo. Was excited.

CELEBRITY SIGHTING! Me and Isabelle were at the splash pad in Bug’s Life area and this guy walked through and I was like whoa, that really looks like Jack Black. AND THEN IT WAS. I snuck a picture before the disneyland people came over and blocked our view of nacho libre.
Toy Story
More treats, obviously.

The first couple of days we spent doing all of our most favorite rides- though it was very, very hot. This time of year we usually bring a sweater for morning/night but we just didn’t need it. 90-95 during the day, still 80 after the sun seat. Hot. A couple of the days we took an afternoon break and walked back to our hotel for a nap, then returned to the park with fresh feet when it was a bit cooler so we could stay later. We also have secret air conditioned places we know to hit up when it gets too roasty to be outside. (Animation room anybody?)
Being there with Isabelle was SO fun. She really understands things now- she has favorites and she definitely will let you know what she wants to do. Linc was such a great sport the whole time- going on the rides he could go on, napping when he could or playing in the stroller. We usually go with such a large group of people it was a nice change of pace to just be the four of us. We didn’t hurry or have to worry about meeting up with anyone- just did what we wanted. 

Day three, back to the carousel.

Can you see, no lines? September is a great time to go. 

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