Lincoln Michael 8 Months

Lincoln at eight months.

Linc is about 20 pounds now (on our home scale) wearing size 3 diapers (only because I am forcing us to use the rest of the box before we open the size fours) and 12-18 month clothes. Little chunker! He is just so solid. He has eight teeth and is loving food. He eats solid meals three times a day- including some small food like puffs, mandarin orange bits, smooshed banana, etc. Seriously when I put those gerber puffs on his tray he goes all cookie monster on them trying to get them all in his little mouth.

Lincoln has had a cold this week so when I think of how he has been sleeping lately, it is not great. BEFORE the cold, he was sleeping in his crib all night needing his paci a few times. AFTER the cold he is waking up all the live long day for all kinds of stuff. Back to square one. This kid loves his paci, like all the time wants it in his mouth even just to bite on. We have to regularly replace them because he chews through them. Like, through the rubber material, and it falls apart.

This month Lincoln went from barely sitting, to sitting well, to army crawling, TO ACTUAL CRAWLING. We were at my dad’s office yesterday to visit (there’s a story there.) and he was up on all fours and took four real-live crawls. Crawl, crawl, crawl, crawl. I was so proud. He definitely is not content to sit and observe, he wants to be apart of everything. He loves to keep tabs on Isabelle and if she leaves, he wants to go with her. I can tell he is frustrated that he can’t keep up with her. They are such pals.

I just realized this week that Lincoln has Jazz’s toes. Long toes. Someday he will be able to pick stuff up off of the floor with them. Because I am kind of an independent person, I naturally assumed that my kids would look just like me. Dominant genes! But that isn’t how it works. So, Lincoln has Jazz’s toes. (And most of his face. so.)

Lincoln is such a little giggler, he always has been. He is super ticklish under his chin, his knees, his thighs and his toes. Turning him upsidown will guarantee some laughs, so will the “here comes a little birdie” song. You know that one? Probably one my mom made up but it seems legit to me. Loves patty cake, loves when you take his hand and point out your eyes, nose, and mouth.

The thing about Lincoln is that he is so smooshy and awesome. I want to simultaneously nibble his cheeks and squish his whole body, his fat little face and fluffy hair are soo cute. Even when he is crying and his little teeth are poking out he is just cuuuute. I guess theme for this month would be JOY- he is such a joyful baby and brings our family so much pure joy. His face is so cheerful and jolly? Yeah, jolly is a good word. Lincoln is jolly.

Oh little Lincoln, we love you so much. Our family wasn’t the same with out you, we are so thankful you and your mischievous grin are here. Xoxo.

Izzie was tickling Linc with her “ballet pants.” He thought it was hilar.

The hair fluff! The chins!

beans, not his thing.

His best zoolander.

My best little babies.

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