my babes.

Isabelle and Lincoln, both at 7 months.
Ohhhh this makes my uterus ache. Isabelle was such a sweet dainty little baby…her skin coloring is so much like mine. Lincoln is gurgly and happy and has his fathers European coloring. At 7 months, Isabelle had zero teeth and Lincoln has eight. They looked so much alike as newborns- and now maybe not so much? We all know Linc looks like Jazz but I also see some Sumsion boy in there as well. I can’t believe I have two babies. This time goes so quickly, I wish I could scoop some up and put it in my pocket for later when they are grown. 
Linc is just about 8 months now and we have adjusted to life with two children. I thought it would be this huge change and oh my gosh two babies versus me every day. Two bums and two mouths and four arms and legs- but it hasn’t been very much of a change. Linc has basically morphed into our schedule and I’m doing mostly the same things I was doing last year at this time, just with a baby on my hip. I know the reason this is true is because Lincoln is a GOOD GOOD baby and Isabelle is a GOOD GOOD toddler. If roles were switched and Isabelle came second, I can guarantee I wouldn’t be singing this tune. I’m finally feeling like okay I can do this! I can take two kids out! Look at me buckling carseats and hauling a stroller and remembering to wear pants! I’m feeling… I don’t know, rested? recovered? prepared? We have a routine going and it feels nice and predictable. 
I see women with lots of children and wonder how do they do it. The mom of the kids I used to teach piano to just had her tenth baby. As in, TEN. She has one son preparing for a mission and another son in a sling nestled near her. Takes a special kind of person to raise a gaggle of children. Bless her, amen.
In case I haven’t said it before, I love my babies, and I love being a mother. 
*edited to include: Right after I posted this, Linc refused all naps, both kids got stuffy noses, and Lincoln had diarrhea in the bathtub. All rainbows and sunshine over here.

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