Minnie Mouse Party

This year Isabelle picked her birthday party theme. (You know… since she’s in charge now.) She’s been obsessed with all things Minnie and Mickey Mouse right now since we have been to Disneyland lately.. and she loves the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. So we did a Red/Pink and black Minnie Mouse party. Turned out SUPER CUTE. On her actual birthday she said, “But what about my pawty?” A few days later we had some of her friends and family over for cupcakes and playtime.

The birthday girl. She is so cute it almost hurts. 

I got a little carried away with the favors. Minnie Mouse headbands, a puzzle to color, and candy kebobs. I totally thought the kids would wear the mouse ears for the party.. um sike, they are toddlers.

Those Minnies have on teeny tiny party hats! Fiesta!

Since Morgan was in town, she generously offered to frost the treats for me. We have this running not joke that she believes that my frosting skills leave something to be desired so I was thrilled she offered to help. Culinary School = WORTH IT. She hand made the bows and used mini oreos for the ears. CUTE.

chevron minnie cookies!

She went for the cupcakes, and the pirates booty. Good girl. 

All I can see in this picture is Jazz and Mini Jazz.
Margo and Linc! 

Seriously, babies every where.

Iz had lots of help opening presents, and got so many fun things!

Gwamma knows all the good toys.
We tried to get a picture of all the kids lined up after the treasure hunt. This was the best one…. tiff said it’s like herding kittens.

She actually blew out her own candles this year.

My favorite part of any party at my house is the end when everyone sits around and chit chats. I got to hold sweet baby Ella sleeping on my shoulder, all the kids opened the new toys. Lincoln played with the boxes. Food was consumed. (those sugar cookies = my kryptonite) I think everyone had a good time. 
The party was a super fun success! Happy Birthday little Iz!

2 thoughts on “Minnie Mouse Party

  1. Holy smokes, please come back to Utah and plan/decorate Emma's 5th birthday in February! (5 Oh man!) So much fun! Your babies are so yummy! I wanna squish them!


  2. just beautiful, MIcci! You could totally make money planning parties! Very talented. I am sure Izzie was in total heaven. 🙂


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