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So basically there’s been a lot of pictures on my blog and not so much actually blogging. It’s hard when you have eight trillion pictures of your adventures two super cute babies. Words are less effective.


I can’t believe tomorrow is September. Let’s begin there. Summer has gone by, we haven’t even been outside much because of all of the fires. Fire = smoke. Iz always asks, “Mom where is the sun?” Ummm its hiding, sort of. Sorry, baby.

I would say most of my mental free time right now is spent daydreaming about our family vacation next month to southern California and by that I mean Disneyland. Me and Izzie have been watching videos of parades and rides and we talk about it all day long. It is seriously taking all of my will power to not pack all of their little outfits into ziploc bags because I am READY. Doing the pre-trip prep work has been surprisingly a lot (upgrade Linc’s car seat, make sure we have weather appropriate clothes, find creative things for car travel, basically make a lot of lists) but SO FUN. I love organizing. And I love family vacations. And we all know how much I love the magic of Disneyland. (Case in point, I showed Isabelle a preview of the firework show and I seriously got teary when Tink flew to the Castle. So dumb.) We are spending a few days at the Magic Kingdom, then hopping down to San Diego to do Sea World and the San Diego Zoo. Throw in some beach time, a trip to the temple, and a day with our Sumsions and we have a vacation! I can’t wait.

In other news. I’m not eating carbs again. It is the one thing that really works for me and it feels really good to be taking control of my own body again. Linc is still nursing (see next paragraph) but he no longer relies on me for all of his meals and it is sort of a relief. Fitting into clothes I didn’t fit into a few weeks ago is worth eating eggs every. single. day.

So the nursing. A little while ago Linc started really slowing down, just not acting interested at all. I didn’t worry very much because he was eating three solid meals a day. But of course, my supply started dropping because he wasn’t breastfeeding as frequently. I know it’s normal but it was sooner than I expected. He is still nursing every morning but I end up pumping in the evening because he seriously does not care to sit and latch. He is too distracted/excited to get down and roll around, I can’t keep his attention. And forget it if we aren’t at home! Nursing has always been a really, really wonderful experience and I will continue doing what we are doing because it’s working for us. Not sure why we sometimes have mom-guilt over these things. Lincoln is so fat and happy and I can only be proud of all the time and effort we spent together. Also, he has seven teeth. Real big, sharp, man-teeth. Seven.

So anyway…Linc got a new car seat because he is huge. He is eating baby puffs! He is mostly sleeping through the night- needs his paci a few times. I got new ugly orthopedic shoes for the trip and they are amazing. Dayna by Alegria? Anyone else have those? One of the nurses was wearing them when I delivered Linc and she gave me the inside scoop. I’ll let you know if they meet my 12,000 steps a day Disneyland standards, but so far they are awesome, with just a touch of hideous. (Gabe, if you are reading this please don’t google them, you will die, they are worse than crocs.)

Also, I bought orange jeans. Like, escaped from prison orange. Excited about those.

Disneyland Trip, Isabelle’s Third Birthday, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas! Yessssssss.

PS below is a post with pictures. I couldn’t resist.

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