insta-update vol 7

been awhile. oh man I love instagram.

Lunch break. by miccolene 4 vs 1 today. by miccolene

swim time snack break / day of 4 vs 1

Shark week at our house. by miccolene Mall got new toys. #handsanitizer by miccolene

shark teeth/ new mall toys

Just doing some light nail filing. by miccolene Doing her makeup. Upset I\'m documenting. by miccolene

filing Linc’s nails/ not thrilled I’m documenting pretend makeup

Baby zip line. Can you find Izzie? by miccolene So fresh n so clean, clean by miccolene

baby zip line, can you see iz? / happy boy

Isabelle\'s first ballet class. I died. by miccolene Untitled by miccolene

day of ballet/ choco cone

Bedtime. by miccolene Go baby go! by miccolene

nothing better than a tent and a flashlight/ go baby go!

He\'s just so nibbly. by miccolene Olivia the original, and Olivia the back up. by miccolene

his cheeks!! / Olivia the original vs Olivia the backup

best cousin friends. Oh, they love each other.

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