baby portraits

Last month we had some pictures taken of our babies to document Linc at 6 months and Izzie at 2 3/4 years. Lincoln had just barely learned to sit up, and his vampire teeth were fast descending so we said QUICK take some pictures.

In case the 400 I take a month aren’t enough.

I love how they turned out! You know getting ready for pictures can be stressful (or is this just me) coordinating outfits and making sure the babies have been fed and napped, that it doesn’t rain, etc. We had gorgeous weather although pretty hot, and the kids cooperated pretty well.  Iz needed some jelly bean encouragement, and of course having Grandma there made everything better. Katie was so patient and spent so much time with us making sure we had all the shots we wanted. And she didn’t make fun of us as we were acting ridiculous behind the camera to get the babes to smile. These are a few of my favorites- it was seriously hard to narrow it down there are SO many good ones!

All images by Katie Luther Photography.

could you die.

this one makes me want to bite his face

oh he’s so handsome!

I really love this one because of his fluff hair!

of course I love this one

SUCH an Isabelle face.

2 thoughts on “baby portraits

  1. absolutely beautiful!! I especially love the one of Izzie trying to reach the door wearing the petticoat. So beautiful.


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